A 'Round' of Applause for Skipping Stones Tuesday!

Yeah, okay, so that's a wicked cheesy title. What can I say? It's been a long week. Oh...wait...it's only Tuesday. HA! But, it IS Sketch Tuesday over at Skipping Stones and we DO have a great sketch for you today!

Happy Father's Day!

As you can see, this one is already out of my hands, as I gave it to my Daddy on Sunday! You could easily use a design like this with any sentiment repeated in the corner as I did with the Happy Father's Day stamp! I used two stamp sets for this one, Pumkin Seed Sentiments for the background and Holy Carp for the sentiment.

Happy Father's Day (SSD81) Close

The ribbon and the wired string are from May Arts (EA44 - Blue Crinkle, BY36 - Brown leaf, & KS72 - wired string) and they make me happy. Just say'n. I also used a pretty little paper flower from Retro Cafe Art and a Maya Road trinket pin!

Shall we discuss this sketch for a moment? I think, perhaps, we shall.

Why? Because it was hard but it wasn't. It's round. I don't generally do round. Round lacks, well, sides and corners and such. I happen to be a big fan of sides and corners and such. I DO however, often see GORGEOUS round cards so I was excited to try one out. And I like the result! Even if it doesn't have sides or corners and such. BUT...I have to tell you, some of the Stamp Tramps knocked it out of the park with this sketch! I'm talking some fabulous cards! Like as good as the Red Sox kind of knocked it out of the park kinda cards. Just say'n. So check out what they created!!!

Latisha Yoast *Guest Sketch Artist
Ann Kranitz
Karin Akesdotter *Guest Designer!
Tamera Beaton
Barb Turpin
Dina Kowal *Guest Designer!
Kandi Phillips
Wendy Jordan
Amy Tsuruta
Jennifer Ingle *That would be ME! ME! ME!!!!!!! Just say'n.
Brenda Weaver
Gladys Chia

Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. love it--the color of blue is stunning!

  2. fabulous masculine card {clapping}..

  3. It's been a looooooong night here & when I first looked at this blog entry I saw, "A Round of APPLESAUCE!" BWAHAHAHAHA! Think I just MAY have gone a bit too long without sleep! That round card - even sans sides & corners - is ultra fabulous! Makes me want to try that!

  4. hmmm..this is a round card that I like! I'm with you on corners etc. A "round of applesauce" - I like that too and will use it! I have been hearing "awesomesauce" lately.. off to check out a few other round cards!

  5. I've heard of Ruby Tuesday but not yet of cheesey Tuesday! Lovely card! Valerie

  6. Yep,I hear you on the issues of round being without sides and corners and such...but you "knocked it out of the park" dear friend!! What an amazing card! I love, love the color combo-I don't use much blue and I need to, so great inspiration. And your embellishments are fantastic. Love this card:)

  7. Supppa card Jingle! Im sure your Dad loved the card!! I hope you have a great day!!

  8. Very nice; I love the repeated sentiment!

  9. gotta love the masculine card! oh you are everywhere! Congrats on the few DT you are in!

  10. Love how you went off the card with your sentiments - I just know your dad LOVED his card creation!

  11. Beautiful card!
    That blue is just gorgeous, and the embellishments add so much while still keeping the card masculine.
    Love it! :o)

  12. cute Jennifer- love the cheesy title also! :)

  13. Your dad's a lucky man to receive such a thoughtful, lovingly made gift:)


  14. I've never even SEEN a round card! Very cool!

  15. Cute card!! I like the mix of flowers ad twines on the card. Kind of a feminine touch on a masculine card...from a daughter to her dad.. ;)

  16. Wouldn't have thought to do masculine with this one...great job!


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