Your Questions: Answered. (Well, mostly, anyway....)

Well, I gave you guys the chance to ask me some questions and I have to be honest...some of them had me a bit stumped!  LOL!  And...I was a little surprised that nobody asked the meaning of life...and I was SO ready to jump in with 42!!!!  Oh, well.  I guess I will just have to answer your REAL questions, then!  HA!!!

Here we go...

Heckety asked:  What is the most amusing glue disaster I've had when crafting?

WEllllll......I've been mostly fortunate in that I usually just manage to glue my containers shut or silly stuff like that, BUT the other day I manage to get my fingers COVERED in E6000.  Well, see, that stuff is pretty strong stuff.  Really.  Freaking. Strong.  Stuff.  Actually.  Just say'n.  SO, when you get your fingers covered in it and then you attempt to peel off the thin layer of glue that is on your finger and you succeed fairly quickly one might feel quite proud of oneself for escaping possible harm.

Until one realized that one just removed several layers of SKIN from said finger.  Oopsies!!!  Don't worry....it grew back nicely.  HA!

Charli asked:  What is your favorite folksy saying? 

Hmmm....this one took a bit.  Mostly because I wasn't sure what that meant until I read her example!  HA!  I don't know that I really have a favorite per se, but I do find it extremely amusing when I hear people say things like "Well, isn't that just the bees knees!"  and  "Bless her heart."  That last one particularly cracks me up because it generally follows some horrible insult that people are covering with "Bless her heart."  HA!  SO FUNNY!!!!  I toss that one out there now and then just for laughs, but I don't think I use 'folksy' sayings much.  I don't know.  Do I? 

Theresa asked:  You live in Massachusetts (I was born there), so you must hopefully be a Red Sox fan (I am, having grown up watching them with my dad and grandma). Who is your favorite all-time Red Sox player and why?

Okay.  Confession time.  I live in New England and I'm not a sports fan.  Just shoot me now because that's pretty much what happens around here when you say such things!  HA!  The Hubbums isn't, either.  Our television doesn't even know what a game looks like!  For reals.  BUT...my parents are HUGE fans and yes, I did grow up as a member of Red Sox Nation. (And a Patriots fan, and a Celtics fan....and yes...I've been to games....and got autographs back in the day from the REAL Celtics (think Bird, etc.))  While I don't actually watch games, I still hate all things Yankee and call myself a Red Sox fan.  If I had to choose to watch a game...it would be theirs.  While I can name quite a few players, (mostly 'cause my Mom talks about them like they are her best friends.  'Cause they are.)  I can't really claim a favorite.  Viratek seems like a good guy, though.  And Papelbon can pitch.  I do NOT, however, know if I spelled EITHER of those names correctly.  HA!

Anne Marie asked:  Am I as cute and bubbly in person as I am online?  YUP!!!  I'm freaking adorable!!!!  Hee-heee.

She also asked...slightly more seriously.... What does The Hubbums like to do in his spare time?

He has that?  HA!  No, really, he LOVES to read.  Seriously.  And he does it really well and really fast.  He is the only person I've ever seen walk into a book store look at the speculative fiction section and not be able to find anything on the shelf that he hasn't read yet.  No.  I'm not kidding.  The man goes through books like water.  And not tripe books, either.  We aren't talking airport trash, here, folks, we are talking things that have deep, real meaning and speculation.  He loves philosophy (has a degree in it) and so we get to talk about what he reads and the implications and such.  It's pretty awesome.  He likes to build models, too.  He has a Tachikoma going right now and he has done Star Wars stuff, airplanes, cars, and more.  He is really really good with detail work.  His stuff is so lifelike it is amazing!  And, when the weather is right, he likes to do things like bike, ski, climb, and other crazy out door stuff.

Okay...this is getting super long, so one more, K?!  K.

Marlene asked:  What is your most embarrassing moment? (And if it's x-rated, then tell us your 2nd most embarrassing moment!) :)

This is a funny question for me.  See, I have this little, well, I guess it would be a problem, but I don't mind it so much.  I tend to block certain memories.  For real - I'm not making that up and I don't do it on purpose.  When bad things happen I tend to forget most of the details if not the entire thing, so I don't remember much in the way of embarrassing moments.  I remember a few from middle/high school.  I actually showed up to school wearing two different shoes (I was trying to decide and got side tracked).  Twice.  You would think I would have paid more attention after it happened the FIRST TIME!  I was a HUGE dork (and not the cool kind) when I was in school, so basically the entire experience was one big ball of embarrassment.  Lucky for me...being a dork became cool at some point and I grew out of the STUPID stuff.  If I can think of anything exciting...I'll tell you about it, but I really can't recall anything that interesting at the moment.  Maybe if you asked OTHER PEOPLE about my most embarrassing moment you might get more answers!  HA!  I should probably be embarrassed by more than I am, but quite frankly I don't find anything embarrassing about hopping or randomly singing or dancing in the middle of a public place!  HA!

Okay...that's enough answering for one day!  Whew!!!  You guys have some fun questions!  I will answer the other ones soon!  Watch tomorrow for a fun review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Oh...and if you didn't get a chance to ask a question....go back to Monday's post and add one!


  1. What fun! Thanks for opening so open and willing to answer everyone's questions. :) I grew up in a family obsessed with the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, etc. etc. We don't mention the names of any New York teams around here! LOL You did pretty well with everyone's names, by the way! :) Have a great day! :) Theresa

  2. Heehee....I wish I could block embarrassing moments!!!! That's raw talent!

    Psstt....I'm not much of a sports fan either, so I'll stand beside you when the firing squad comes out. ;)

  3. great questions and answers! i wish i could block out my most embarrassing moments! ;)

  4. OMG, I cannot believe you live in the middle of RSN and do not like sports! We are rabid Sox fans and actually travel once a year to see them. Not easy being a Sox fan and livin' in Georgia!

  5. Nice to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing all this! It is fun getting to know you!


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