THERE!  Did that wake you up?  HA!

So, here's the thing.  I'm super crazy tired because I kinda didn't really sleep all that great and now I just want to take a nap, but I have to do that whole work'n thing instead and that makes me sad.  Just say'n.

SO....to avoid the whole sad thing I decided to post a fun and cheery card that I created!

hi! close

The cardstock, patterned papers, Thickers letter stickers, and that cute little Flair button are all from American Crafts.  'Cause I luuuuuuvvvvvvvvv  American Crafts.  Really.  I do.
AND....I also luuuuuuvvvvvv my Uniball Signo pen, which is what created that fabulous white line around the brown panel.  The PERFECT finishing touch!
The transparency is Hambly and the ribbon is just cute.  (HA!  That's my way of saying I have no clue who makes it!)

I also decided to sprinkle the rest of the answers to your fabulous questions in posts here and there since I think I pretty much bored you to death by putting a bunch of answers in ONE post, so here are a couple more....

Laura asked:  Have you ever attempted ATCs? Why or why not? Do you use glue runner and what kind?

Ummmm...That's lots of questions, Laura!  HA!  And they are all fairly easy ones to answer!  I actually LOVE to create ATC's and I usually, although not always, post them here on my blog when I create them.  I love the small canvas size and it is the perfect excuse to play with new techniques!  On the Glue Runner - I have several.  I'm an adhesive junkie.  My favorites and the ones I reach for most often are my Scotch ATG, my Tombow permanent runner, and my Glue Glider Pro.  I have several others around and a couple that I haven't actually had a chance to try yet, but I will, 'cause like I said....I'm an adhsesive junkie.  I LOVE my adhesives!!!

Tracy asked:  Out of all the different types of crafts you do what is your favorite at the moment?

DOLLS!!!  I am totally in love with doll making right now!  It is new and adventurous and I get to tell a story for each and every one that I create!  I love not being tied down to one form of art, though.  I like to jump around and experiment and have fun with lots of things!

Susie asked:  How do you come up with all your great craft ideas?

HA!  This one makes me laugh.  Susie, I honestly have no flipp'n idea!  My mind constantly moves and I do honestly believe that it moves quite differently than that of most.  I am always thinking and from those thoughts often come creative concepts.  My ideas don't always come to fruition and sometimes they are epic fails, but they are constantly streaming.  That is part of why I do so many different forms of art - one form cannot contain all of the concepts that I've got churning.  I'm fortunate enough to have an amazingly supportive Hubbums who at least tries to understand why it is that I am THIS excited about a shoe that I covered ENTIRELY with glitter!!!!  (And yes...I did do that this weekend....it's a w.i.p. but I will TOTALLY share when it is done, dudes.  Totally.)

Tina asked:  Do you ever get up to NH? I was born and raised in Manchester, my sister and dad still live there.

Well, not if I can avoid it!  HA!  (Yes, folks, that is why they call us Massholes.)  No, actually, I work about ten minutes from the border despite the fact that I live 5 minutes from the Rhode Island border.  (Are you non-New Englanders confused yet?  HA!)  My Nana and a couple of aunts and cousins all live up there in various areas including Manchester and Weare, so, yes, I do get up there from time to time.  I WISH I was going up there at the end of this month for the Creating Keepsakes Convention, but alas, *sigh*  I am not.

SOooooo....hopefully I haven't bored you to death.  I hope you have a deliciously delightful Monday!  I'm going to start mine with jelly beans.  For reals.


And....the Winner of the Chunky Bling Giveaway is.....Mer!!!! Congratulations! Please contact me with your mailing address!

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  1. Love the fun colors!! I didn't sleep well at all either - but I must go get ready for work - oh joy!

  2. WOW...I'm so AWAKE now...LOL!!! Cute card girlie.


  3. And here I was going to ask you about the ribbon . . .

    I like the card. Nice work and yep it made me smile and good thing I already had my coffee :0)

  4. That's a FUN SPUNKY CARD!!! Love it!!!!

    And I love that your favorite craft right now is DOLLS...because that's what I love seeing most on your blog!

  5. Hi! I love the alpha and the polka dots! Cute, cute, cute!

  6. Cute card, I really like the colours. I too love to do all types of crafts. I can't just stick to one.

  7. OK, I'm awake now. Sweet card! I hope your workday is as little like work as possible. (Mine too)

  8. such a cute and fun card! that is sure to brighten anyone's day! ;)

  9. That is SUPER cute! I love the colors!!

  10. By far my favorite you have done. I loooove the colors. and the cute little green polka dot button with heart is the bee's knees. <3

  11. LOVE IT! Now I might have to consider making cards...

  12. LOVE the card wherever you get your supplies!! And jelly beans for breakfast- I would if I had any!!


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