My Works in Progress - in Video form!!!

Yup, folks.  You read that right!  I actually did a video for today's post.  With my real live face in it and everything!  I know...I'm shocked, too.  I'll give you a moment to recover....


....okay.  Good now?  Good.  Sooooo...here's the thing.  I wanted to share my current projects with all of you, but that would have been like a gagillion photos, so I decided to do a video and share them that way instead!!!  So, here you go!  Let me know what you think!

Please excuse my hair - I'm growing it out and that means that each and every week I have a new length and new adventures to deal with. Fun stuff, really.

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  1. Jingle, I love seeing you on the video. Also Tell me tips for that paperclay..UGGGHHH,I have been taking a long break since I played with it last.It was so frustrating. I think you should do more vlogs:)

  2. Loved your video, you are too cute.
    Do the shoe, do the shoe.
    I loved the shoe before I even knew what you were going to do with it. The doll living in the shoe, so adorable.
    I so want to do a red sparkly shoe now. I Love It.

  3. can't believe how many projects you have going at once...you are just a creative whirlwind...love the vid...you are just too cute for words

  4. You are totally cute!!!! But I already knew that.

    Your amount of running projects is about what mine is too! We gotta keep those crafty irons in the fire at all times right?!?!?!?!


  5. You're so cute!!! (I even love all your "ummms".) Heehee!!!

    Love that doll projects you've got going. I wanna see them all finished!!! I love your dolls! (Ok. I know I've already told you that!)

  6. And I thought MY table was full! LOL
    just say'n! ;-)
    It was great seeing the "Fabulous" Jingle!! Hope I made you HAPPY!!!!!!

  7. Fun WIPs! I guess my only WIP is cleaning the new critters' room, lol :D I can't wait to get back to crafting.

  8. I so love your videos. So neat to hear people in the blogosphere!

  9. Oooh - You are so cute and SO creative! All of these projects...whoa. We are kindered souls - I've countless projects across my crafting area. (Ok. Throughout the house. Same difference.)

    Keep the videos coming!

  10. And now I feel like I know you so much better! Videos are awesome, aren't they?! Very cool!

  11. Really fun to see you live and in person! I feel like I really KNOW you now. And I like you even more!

    Fun! Thanks!

  12. OH you are way to cute... hehe I love it... Your work is great and love your clay stuff. Thanks for sharing in video today... hehe

    Elisa K

  13. The video was a great idea! It is so neat to be able to put a face to all the cool crafts that you do. I love how you have so many different types of crafts going at once! I love to do all different types of crafts, but I tend to get sucked in and obsess over one particular craft at a time (even if it is only for a few minutes).
    Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  14. A video?? You go, Girl!!! Off to watch your video!

  15. Fun little video! Your altered shoe sounds like fun. Can't wait to see it completed.
    And I saw a bunch of lonely shoes at the thrift store and think it would be a great idea to buy them and make a series. But I lack space. Oh well.

  16. WOW! You dod have alot going on! I love the video! :)

  17. It makes me feel somewhat better to know I am not in the same boat when it comes to simultaneous projects! Unfortunately, there is still one major project I'm working on that I cannot move forward on because I'm still trying to get the perfect image transfer done. I THINK I finally have it - but it's taken me about six tries!!! LOL Can't wait to see all your projects finished. Theresa

  18. You are just adorable :) Wish I could have you over for coffee :) Cute projects!!

  19. Jingle - DAHLINK!!! You are a star, in my world anyway! Great video, cute as a button you are. Your dolls, you're worried about the faces? No worries, your style is individual and cool! Sorry it took so long to get back to view your video. I'm limited to viewing at home and having a block of time to view. Keep em coming. I enjoyed! Now I want a red glitter shoe . . .

  20. Very cute video - I can't wait to see all of those projects in their next stages! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired last week.


  21. Hi,
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