A Different Point of View

I had a wonderful weekend!!! The weather was A. Freaking. Maz. Ing. this weekend and it is supposed to continue throughout this week, as well, and I can't even BEGIN to tell you JUST how excited that makes me! There is nothing like temps in the 70's and 80's to make this girl happy! Particularly around here, as that is warmer than usual for this time of year. Oh, I am LOVING it!

We spent a wonderful day with family yesterday celebrating Easter. Yummy food (lots), silly putty, and more yummy food!!! Talk about a good day! HA!

I also took out my camera and just played a little the other day. Do you ever do that? Just grab your camera and shoot just to see what fun stuff you might be able to capture?

I do it a lot, actually. It's way wicked crazy fun! You should try it. The nice thing is, with digital photography we have the freedom to play and try new things without any cost associated with it! It's fabulous! If it turns out cool, I can print it, if it doesn't, no harm done. FUN!!!!

So, I noticed the top of The Hubbums' Thermos sitting on the counter and I was inspired INSTANTLY!

You see, The Hubbums has a Vintage Green Aladdin Thermos (Yeah, I know that's totally cool...I got it for him because I'm just an awesome wife like that. Just say'n.) ...and that Vintage Green Aladdin Thermos just so happens to have a green funnel sort of shaped spout that fits into the top. I'm not really sure what it is for, but I'm positive that there is a perfectly reasonable 'Thermos' explanation for it. I, however, found an entirely NEW and EXCITING use for it!!! ('Cause I do that sort of thing...find new uses for stuff...particularly when I have no idea what the thing is ACTUALLY for.) So, I picked it up. Held it in front of my camera and shot through it.


Wanna see? 'Cause these shots came out super cool and I'm totally gonna do it again. I love the perspective it gives! I shot perfectly ordinary things (well, except for the dog...She's NOT so ordinary, but she is cute!) and it is just neat to see them from a wonderfully interesting perspective! I. LOVE. IT.

Oil Lantern
A Different Point of View:  Lantern

A Different Point of View:  Thatcher

Pizza (note: Said Thermos is in the shot on this one!)
A Different Point of View:  Pizza

A Different Point of View:  Mixer

So, what do you think??? Cool, huh? I am in love! For reals. They are just super fun shots!!!! Now...go take a creative shot with your camera! It's fun!


  1. Great photos -- I especially like the one of Thatcher!

  2. Those shots ARE really cool!!

  3. I love this! Super creative and if gives a great new perspective!!!

  4. I have seen photos taken through a keyhole before. I love the concept! Nice work Jingle

  5. I love it! How creative. Okay, so now you have inspired me. I'm going to try this myself. (Except I do not have a super cool vintage thermos like you do. I'll have find something else.) Thanks for sharing!

  6. How mad...I mean WHAT FUN! Your dog has the same sort of 'whatthe heckissheuptonow' expression our dogs often have...is it a black Lab thing or an artistic owner thing?
    I agree with you on the digital camera and being able to delete and it costing nothing- after years of 'ordinary' photography I'd almost given up using the camera it was so expensive. And I LOVE playing with Dad's digital- don't have one of my own but he's very generous!
    And I think your experiments are fun! One of Dad's previous experiments id to get a piece of glass and smear vaseline around the edge of the space for the lens so you have a sharp center focus and blurry edges, he's done some fun things with that!

  7. They look terrific! I love them all. :) Theresa

  8. Gurl....ya never cease to AMAZE me with your imagination. LOVE the photos!!


  9. Now who - but YOU - would have thought to shoot through a thermos?! How cool!!! Loving the pic of your doggy!!!!

  10. You have won a giveaway on my blog. Can you send me your address and I'll get it off to you.

    Happy Easter!


  11. These are terrific! You see the world through Jingle eyes. (And that's a compliment!)

  12. thermos top + u = fab-you-lous!

  13. ITA about the weather and the temps - LOVE spring!! Especially the staying lighter later part!! Great photos - such a neat idea and a fun way to play - They turned out really well - good for you! :)

  14. Great shots! I love experimenting with our camera too! ;)

  15. Stunning photos!
    I especially like the one of your dog....

  16. So much fun! We actually just got a new digital camera and we gave Emma (my 4yo) the old one. I LOVE to upload the pics she takes, cause they are always so cool! We usually have a lot of dog photos too :)

  17. these are so neat.
    I will have to show my daughters

  18. Whee - how fun! And yup, you are totally an awesome wifey...who else would buy such a cool thermos?

    I love playing with the camera whenever I remember to - I usually end up in some contored positions trying to angle the shot up towards the sky or crawl up some tree to get a higher elevation. Scary stuff. I like this version of playing Muuuuch better.

    (And I am RIGHT there with you on the weather. These temps in the 70's and 80's in Indiana have me so giddy!!)

  19. How fun! And a very cool effect.


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