Some Things To Make You Smile!

Well, they all made me smile, anyway, so I thought I would use this fine Friday to share them all with YOU so you can smile, too.

'Cause smiling is good.

It makes you happy.


Does smiling make you happy or does happy make you smile? Hmm.....seems we may have a chicken and egg situation on our hands here....hmmmmm.....indeed.

Ribbon Flower Hair Clip

So, this SUPER FUN and SUPER CUTE and SUPER COLORFUL clip is totally in my hair today. I made it. With ribbon. SUPER WIDE grosgrain ribbon. AND a vintage yellow button!!! HEEEE!!!! I {heart} vintage yellow buttons. Just say'n.

Ummm...yeah. So I know other people have probably known about the fabulousness that is Florence and The Machine for a long time, but she is a new discovery to me and I am SO loving this stuff! Love. It. For Reals, folks. For frakkin' reals.

OH! And this conversation....this made me smile. Or laugh out loud for real like really a lot and stuff.

*setting: The Wifee had shown The Hubbums Kanti, her art doll, before naming her. I actually was struggling with the perfect name, as I wanted something that suited her theme, so I was still working on that. Therefore, Hubbums did not yet know her name.*

Wifee: Oh! I finally came up with a name for her!
The Hubbums: For your doll?
Wifee: Yup. It's Kanti. It's Algonquin for 'sings'. I think it's perfect for her!
The Hubbums: If she starts singing I'll shoot her! That's the LAST thing we need! Is for your creepy dolls to start to come to LIFE!

HA!!!!! That's funny stuff. Really, it is.

Quilt Inspired Card

AND...I got to create some fun stuff this week!!! Like Kanti, and my hair clip, and this fun card! There was a crop over the weekend at Scrap Sisters Studio and I don't usually get to participate much in the monthly crops, but I jumped in at the last minute to participate in a couple of challenges and I'm so happy that I did!

Quilt Inspired card bow

CHECK OUT THAT BOW! Do you know how often they come out that cute? Not very. Let's leave it at that! HA! It made me smile HUGE when this when came out so stinking adorable! I sort of love it. Lots.

Quilt Inspired card detail

Quilt Inspired Card

SO...those are some things that made me smile this week! What do you think? What made you smile this week?


  1. Great, happy post as always J!!! LOVE the clip...might borrow your idea there..my nieces would love them.


  2. Hilarious conversation! Sounds like something my hubby would say :)

    And I really like the hair clip. Looks fun and easy.

    And your cards always make me want to go play with my sad and neglected scrapbook stuff...

  3. Conversations between my 2 little ones always make me smile...this week they were hilarious!

  4. Love this post!!! Such a happy post!

    Love the hair clip you made. I'd love to sport it!

    I'm smiling because I survived a week with my personal trainer. I'm sore, have carpet burn, and got sweat in my eyes...but it's all worth it!

  5. YOU, you're so bubbly and always make me happy! And my kids and hubby of course.

  6. say that a whole lot made me smile this week other then the mini albumn that I finished for my DD that is on my blog.....but thats about it. Anyways stoppin by to say hi! Did you fall off the face of the earth on SF? COME BACK we miss you! Totally love the card!

  7. I love the card. You are encouraging me to create something.

  8. Thay bow is definately a winner! And the rest too! My Eldest got to see Florence and the Machine a few weeks ago live, first I'd heard of her! Eldest said she was a FANTASTIC performer and is completely hooked!

  9. You are so creative!! It is all adorable!!

    LOL @ your convo with the hubs!

  10. What made me smile this week, well actually LOL was your convo with your hubby. Seriously funny.
    I love your card, those colours are perfect together.

  11. All your stuff makes me smile:-)

  12. I absolutely LOVE Florence & the Machine! She is such a fabulous singer - love, love, love her music. So happy you discovered her, too. Your hair clip is way too cute! And the card is just amazing. Way to go!!! Have a great weekend. :) Theresa

  13. Definitely makes me smile!!

    The conversation between you and your hubby made me laugh. Sounds like a conversation I have had with my husband.

  14. You clever, creative girl!

    Thank you so very much for your recent kind thoughts and comments.

  15. Guess what, Jingle? You won Gauche Alchemy's RAK sponsored by Nina Patena (from March - I know - we're totally late drawing it!). E-mail me at gaucheachemy attt cox dottt net with your snail mail, and I'll get it to Nina. I will probably take a few weeks to get to you, as she is in the Philippines.

  16. Love this happy post! i got a new job, so that made me very happy. :)


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