Teaching Me To Be. And a Call to Share Your Passion!!!

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I finally managed to do a layout on time for Diana's way fun sketch challenge! I really loved the sketch this time around, but, as per usual when I work with sketches, I ended up really making it my own. Due to the position of The Hubbums in the photograph, I flipped the sketch and I placed my circles a bit differently. Instead of using the strips in the sketch for journaling, I decided to create glitter dots, a glitter stripe, and a twill that coordinated with my layout idea.

Here is my layout.

Now that I am looking at it, I can't decide if I like the fire embellishment on there or not. It is there because I feel like it has meaning that relates to the idea of the layout. Hmmm.....that's a tough one. I'll have to think on it.

BUT....even with that thinking going on and such, I still TOTALLY love this layout and I am so excited to have had the chance to participate in the Sketch Challenge this week! The sketch inspired such a wonderful outcome for me! I love it when that happens!!!!

No. Seriously, folks. That is just wicked crazy cool. You know...when something just JUMPSTARTS you and totally gets you going in a direction that only could have been led by that single catalyst?! Does that ever happen to you? I mean at all in life...not just in making stuff. I know lots of my readers aren't scrapbookers, but we all have a passion for something.

A passion for art, for cooking, for fashion, for teaching, for learning, for writing, for caring for others, for ANYTHING! NO matter what your passion is, it is just the COOLEST THING EVER when you are inspired. I mean really INSPIRED!

Tell me about it! Or...better yet...write a blog post about it and then come back and link to your post here so we can all read about your passion and what inspires you!!!!

Oooooo!!!! I am so stinking excited right now! I really hope you take the time to share your stories! Thanks, Diana, for inspiring me, not only to create this awesome layout, but also to encourage others to share their passion! This is GREAT STUFF, folks!!! Okay. I'm just happy now. I'm typing at like super sonic speed, so you totally better not let me down! I want to see your passion! Blog about it! If you don't have a blog, just leave a really long comment if you need to! LOL! I want to know!!!


  1. oh I love those soft earth colors! I would be perfectly happy to quit my 'real' job and scrapbook, garden, sew and blog all day.. lol

  2. I love your Page!!!

    There is this building near my house that is all run down and covered in graffiti and over grown with plants and every time I saw it I knew that I wanted to do a photo shoot there. I love photography and finally one day my sister came over and I took her there so I could take pictures and I love them..

    Check it out


    There is a couple of pictures of the shoot in this post


  3. Awesome layout Jennifer! And yeah, it blows my mind sometimes to sit back and think about all those *single little catalysts* that completely changed who I am. I bet ya never would have guessed that my major in college was journalism...LOL - and now I make teeth for a living...talk about a complete change in direction, all from one little catalyst.

  4. I'm so glad you showed an up-close shot, too. The title and all of the depth on the page is really great. I just love it! Thanks for playing (and for the kind words!). :)

  5. Hey, that's my sister ^^up there. Kelly with the "y".

    Today, I am inspired by a couple of decorating blogs that I read. I am inspired to get my house cleaned up and all pretty like. Who knows, I may make a post about it. We will see....

  6. Very nice layout! It's always great when something just inspires you to create more! :)

  7. that layout is so cool....vintage, retro feeling going on! my passion....well, to do whatever I want and to try not to worry about the future....oh and shoes!

  8. My passion - after playing around with five careers - working with children with special needs. My passion, my love - working with the whole family.....helping them see their children and all their strengths and how to build on the strengths to make them the individuals they are. Have been truly blessed - may never retire.

    My family knows tht when I gete going on this subject, that it will be a long conversation LOL - one thing about enthusiasm is that it's contagious!!


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