Vintage Thingies Thursday : Rex Ray Fan

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Well, I don't know what it is like in your part of the world, but here in New England we are finally getting some heat! Actually, we had an 'official' heat wave this week! Around here that means three days in a row of 90+ temps. I know some of you are laughing because that would pretty much mean your entire summer is a heat wave, but you know how it goes....LOL! I can say, the humidity has also been at a fabulous 90+ level, pretty much giving you the urge to break into your breast stroke as soon as you walk outside.

I love it.

No, seriously...I really do love hot hot weather! It makes me a happy girl! I've been really enjoying it! I absolutely DESPISE the cold and the older I get, the more I hate it, so I am LOVIN' the heat!

But, that brings me to today's Vintage Thingies Thursday item - this WAY FUN Rex Ray fan. Seriously, is this not the coolest fan EVER?! Yes, it does work. No, we don't actually use it. That's why God invented central air. Moving on.


This is the fan. It is fabulous. Admit it. You love it. You can't even help it! That's because it's wicked freaking awesome, folks! I'm talking crazy cool! HA! "Cool!" It's a FAN!!! LMAO! I crack myself up. No, really. I do.


And CHECK THIS OUT! Did you see that? It looks like this fan was totally distributed by a pharmaceutical company! How cool is THAT?! What I can't quite tell is if it was sold, like at a drug store (think Woolworths or something) or if it was a 'freebie' kind of thing for doctors from back in the day. The funny thing is that I've had this for years and I just now noticed the drug company piece. My father in law is a pharmacist. He would TOTALLY love that!


This is the back of the fan. As you can see it does have a little wear and there is a random drop of red paint on it. I love that drop. It sort of drives me nuts and I want to clean it off, but it adds so much character. I sort of love it. Even if it does make me twitch a little.


And do you see that tiny word toward the top of this photo? The one next to that tiny hole? It says "Oil." I guess that must be how you motor or something. I've never opened up the fan to look inside, so I'm not really sure. Now I want to. Hmmm.....


This is just the base of the fan. Such a fun color and such a fun shape to it!


So...do you have your fans running? How's the weather where you are? For that matter...where ARE you? LOL! Don't forget to check out the post below! I did two today! (Okay...so I did the other one late last night, but still....read it. And comment. You know that makes me happy.)

Later, folks!


  1. I think that is a private label brand for that drugstore chain.

    I am enjoying the coolest summer I can remember. I don't like any temperatures over 80°. It's been extremely dry most of the time. Yesterday was an exception--a lot of rain and THREE tornado warnings in the afternoon even though it was cool.

  2. I'm in Jersey and the weather hasn't been under 90 in about 2 weeks. We just moved into a house with no central air...it's been rather sweaty LOL

  3. Love your fan! I want you to plug it in, though. I couldn't stand it. I live in Hotlanta. The humidity here is a killer. I remember my grandmother had fans similar to yours. We did have Rexall Drugs here, not sure if they were across the country or not. We would visit her in Mississippi where she never had central air! We slept with an attic fan and the windows opened when we visited. Brings back memories!

  4. What a cool fan! We looked all over for a vintage fan for our vintage home and to no avail. Of course, if I found one, I'd probably be afraid to plug it in anyway. Little Miss Malcontent here doesn't like central air and I detest ceiling fans.

    I'm a MidAtlantic gal and it's hot and humid here with lots of rain. The sun and I do not get along, I prefer dark, dark days with a chill in the air.

  5. This is a great old fan.., and in very good shape. I love it!
    You photos are wonderful and I like how you used the blue cloth as a background in the first few photos. I notice things like that because I'm a photographer. Nice work!

    Rexall was a chain of drug stores. Big, like Longs and Walgreen's are now. "Rex Ray" sounds like they made some of their own products.

    You need to move to the Southwest or California. Here in Ca. were have had a mild summer and it's still hotter than.....

  6. We usually call a spell like that "the first three days of May". :)

  7. I love this fan....we were looking for one not too long ago, to fit the decor of our house. Living in South, we NEED one!!

  8. I love this fan, it reminds me of a fan my grandparents had and my mom would never let us get close to is, because she was afraid we'd chop our fingers off....silly mom.

    Have a great VTT!

  9. I LOVE hot weather! August is usually our hottest month here in Utah, but apparently we just weren't meant to have a super hot summer. It only peaked over 100 degrees a few days in July and we've been right around 85 basically this entire month. It makes me sad! I want my summer!!

  10. I love the fan! Like you, I also love the hot weather. Fortunately for me, I live in Florida and it's always hot (well not really, in a few months I will be bitching about the cold). Got the central AC on and also a fan pointed at the bed. It is HOT you know.

    There's something at my blog for you...No not Stan.

  11. Such a fun fan!

    The fans are on here and the ac is maxing out! I HATE FLORIDA!! Ill trade you houses any day.. I love the cold

    seriously it is like 85+ after dark here and like 99+ during the day

  12. That is seriously the coolest fan! I remember those.

  13. If you love the heat. . . you should be out here in AZ! Then you'll really know if you love the heat or not! You might want to bring a working fan, although the old one has much more style!

  14. Here in Austin my a/c is going as well as a floor fan sitting here next to me and my ceiling fan in my bedroom. They are on 24/7! Weather here is dry and over 100 for almost 60 days in a row now. UGH!

  15. A great VTT. Your old fan is a treasure and does help sometimes. Here in Texas, all it would do is stir up the hot air. I keep AC and ceiling fans on all time. Of course, hate it when the AC bill arrives.

  16. that is so cool! They had one at my summer camp (it was old years ago when I was a kid) that looked a lot like that! I always thought it was neat!

  17. Here in KY the weather changes daily, but I haven't run the AC except for a couple of times which is unusual. I've had a couple of vintage fans, but sold them. I want an aqua/blue one now. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I'm in Texas and it's hotttttttt. Love that fan. Happy VTT..have a great weekend.

  19. LOVE the fan!!! HATE the hot humid weather we are having! You know I am here in MA like you but I can't stand the heat we get. I am soooo ready for fall!!! Love love love fall here in New England! However, I am not a fan of winter here, but I would seriously take a cold day over this!

  20. Great post! I am in Northern California. We have some hot days and some medium days. Last week it was in the 90's. We have had some 100+ days. But this week it is cooler in the low 80's and then it cools down quickly in the evening. I had to actually wear a jacket to the grocery store the other evening. It has been a cooler than usual summer. But for us it is dry heat. No humidity here.

    Thanks for visiting me today!


  21. in Missouri here...we could almost turn off the air conditioner! and I am the exact opposite of you....LOVE the cold...more snow the better!!! yeah, I am nuts!

  22. I love those old fans. I do own one of them. I passed another one up at a yard sale last year and I could kick myself for not buying it. Oh well!

  23. Those fans were glorified finger-chopper-offers.

    I'm just sayin' - - -

  24. i like your fan.. very vintagey.. my late grandparents used to have this fan.. thanks for sharing and have a great weekend

  25. Lovin' that fan! Except for the finger danger! That's what I always think when I see these anyway! But truly love the shape and all!

  26. I have this exact same fan. Have you ever had it appraised?


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