I Hate Household Chores. I Love Giveaways.

Okay, so....this morning I went to unload the dishes since The Hubbums had kindly run the dishwasher the other day. We now have a lovely sink full that need to go INTO said washer, so I wanted to get the clean ones put away and the dirty ones in just so we can start the cycle all over a-freaking-gain.

So. I open the dishwasher. I look inside and start to pull items from the bottom rack. They look a bit 'not clean enough' but sometimes our washer leaves a bit of a residue (I hate it, but I deal) so I figure it's no big deal. Then I notice that one look like it really isn't clean. I mean, it's rinsed and all, but not clean. I bumped the rack and THEN noticed that the lovely fancy little soap thingy is still IN the dispenser and not dissolved at ALL!

So, I look at it and figure it must be because it was put in upside down and one side is thinner than the other. I find that odd, since the whole thing actually dissolves, but whatever. So...I run the load again.

I do some stuff in the meantime. Like totally break my personal best on Bejeweled on Facebook. You know...important stuff. HA!

I go back to unload the dishes and start the process I intended to do earlier. Do you even KNOW what I found???!!!

Yup! Same deal. Only messier. It turns out I was right...the thinner side DOES, indeed, dissolve faster than the other side. So now I had a lovely goobery mess of undissolved dish soap STILL in the little dispenser thingy in the dishwasher. SOOoooo...I'm a bit more annoyed at this point, AS YOU CAN IMAGINE!

So, I'm standing there staring at my dishwasher as though it is going to magically tell me why this never-before-occurance has decided to fill my day with dishes. Then it hits me. Or actually....it hit the flexible cutting board sheet thingy. You know...those plastic ones that you have for meat, veggies, fish, etc. Yeah. Those. I had one in the dishwasher. Normal, right?

Wellllll.........here's the thing. I thought I would be brilliant and make the most of the space in my machine by sliding the mat in the front of the bottom drawer, and putting my real cutting board on the side, so everything fit nicely.


Yeah. I'm officially a genious. And no. I totally can't blame this on The Hubbums, because A. He's smarter than that and B. because I am pretty DARNED sure that I put it there. I suppose I could blame him for not catchin my idiocy, but that might be going a bit far.

So....here I am. Blogging. Procrastinating. Why? Because I totally need to do my Use Your Stash project and I haven't yet. Yup. It's totally due tonight. AND....I made brownies instead. So, I'm waiting for the brownies to come out of the oven and for the dishwasher to SUCCESSFULLY clean my dishes this time around and blogging. All so I can do the dishes AGAIN later. Thank the LORD that my husband does the laundry. I hate chores. And now, I am pretty sure that they actually hate me, too.

I DID however, find this amazing giveaway that I want to share with you guys, though! Stephanie over at Where'd All My Money Go (isn't that the cutest name for a scrappy blog EVER?! LOL!) is celebrating 25,000 hits with an amazing giveaway! One winner will get a gift card to the place of their choosing!!!! Hmmm....IKEA, 2Peas, Hero Arts, Michael's, Target????? Where would YOU pick?

Oh...and what the HECK chore do YOU despise? Or...do you have one that despises you? Because quite frankly...I don't actually MIND doing dishes! I just don't like doing them THREE FREAKING TIMES!!! Whew....Okay....oven just buzzed. I'm going to go have brownies now.


  1. OMG, that is totally hilarious! I have the same cutting board and sometimes I'll put one so close to a plate, the plate doesn't get clean. I'll have to remember not to put it in front, hahahaha. I don't mind loading and running the dish washer but for some reason I despise putting them away...same with laundry. I don't mind sorting, loading, putting them in dryer, & folding...but I don't like putting them away...hmmmm, pattern going on here, tee hee.

    Jamie :)

  2. You are hilarious! I don't mind doing laundry, it's the folding, hanging and putting away that I hate. Also, the vacuum and I don't really get along that much.

  3. Jingle a little secret to get the soap residue off your dishes. Add some vinegar to your rinse cycle. It gets rid of the residue. I know you have to wait for the rinse cycle, but it is worth it to me to get that nasty residue off. I am always so skeeved by the left over residue and spots. I just don't like having it on my dishes.

  4. Oh, how I wish my husband did ANY of those things! I'm lucky if I can get him to mow the lawn.

  5. I'm sitting here laughing and nodding my head.

    We still wash dishes by hand here. The dishwasher is more trouble than it is worth. It's a really crappy old one that was here when we bought the house.

    I don't like the ironing portion of the laundry show. But I'd rather wear cotton and linen so I iron..........

  6. I hate laundry. Stuff like that always happens when I do the laundry:-)

  7. HA HA HA!!! Sorry, I had to laugh...I hate DUSTING.....hate hate hate it....

  8. I hate 'em all! But really, the one I hate the worst is putting away clothes. I will wash and dry all day long, but folding and putting them away is such a pain! I need to adopt a 10 year old to do nothing but put away clothes..

  9. too funny! I HATE to clean bathrooms :(

  10. Too freakin' funny! I don't use a cutting mat or board. I just pull out a plate and cut away.... (this is because my glass cutting board doesn't fit in the dishwasher)

    What chore do I hate? Hmmm... Dishes, Laundry, Sweeping, Vacuuming. I think I hate them all! Though vacuuming hates me. Actually, it's the vacuum that hates me. I will be vacuuming away and then notice a funny smell...The darn hose pops off and spews everything that I just vacuumed all over the floor behind me.

  11. Yep, totally sounds like your chores hate you too...lol. I have done that too though, so dont go thinking youre all special and stuff...in fact I have done that SEVERAL times. I have taken it a step further though, thinking I totally rock, I shoved all my large cooking utensils in the silverware thingie, thinking that my hubby always wastes so much space laying them in the top rack...well DUH, they are so tall that the spray arms dont actually SPIN instead they hit the utensils and make a beautiful *whap whap whap* for a solid HOUR, meanwhile, not really spinning at all just bouncing in one spot, so we had like FOUR really clean dishes and the rest were kinda the same as when they went in...lol.

    oh yeah, I totally rocked that one. HA!

  12. I feel for you. I probably would have pulled every dish out of the dishwasher by that point and hand washed them instead of trying to figure out what went wrong. LOL. The one chore I despise would have to be dishes. Unfortunately I don't have a dishwasher so I have to do them all by hand. NOT FUN. And there always seems to be an endless supply of dirty dishes. I am very lucky though because my hubby will pitch in and do them for me on his days off. He's a sweetie.


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