So, What can YOU Make with what you find in the 50 cent bin at the Local Thrift Store?

'Cause I'll tell you what I made!!!

Sparkly Fabric Flower Headband 2

Yup! A Fun Sparkly Fabric Flower Headband!!! That's WHAT!!!

I ventured down the street from my office to the little thrift store at the corner where the sweet old ladies work the counter and chat. I had a whopping $1.50 in my pocket (all in change, of course. HA!) and I was bound and determined too get the most for that $1.50! I walked out with THREE pairs of pants! Yup! THREE! Not a single one in my size. I wasn't shopping for clothes for me this time around, nope! I was looking for FABRIC!!! I picked up a pair of sparkly black fabric pants with an elastic waist. Cute? No. Not even a little. And they were HUGE. BUT, they are made of a very fun accessory fabric! I also got a pair of Gap Cords in brown. These are not huge. Actually, they are super cute and I totally wish they WERE my size, 'cause, dude, I'd totally wear 'em. BUT, alas, they are tiny. So...they will be something cute in the future! I've got some ideas! And finally, I found a lovely pair of pale yellow pants in a crinkly crepe fabric. Yup. Hideous. For reals, folks. BUT...again....GREAT fabric for other fun stuff!

So, this was my first project with my thrifted fabrics!

Sparkly Fabric Flower Headband

I simply used the twist and coil technique to create the three individual flowers. I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive instead of my glue gun this time. It's a bit easier to work with and super strong! I love that stuff! Seriously. If you've never used it go buy some. You need it. You just didn't know that yet. HA!

Sparkly Fabric Flower Headband Close

I then stitched each one onto a medium width elastic headband. You can get these in packs of six for around $3.00, making them around 50 cents each. Just make sure to stitch them so that they slightly overlap because when the headband stretches there will be gaps between them if you don't overlap them when it is lax.

Me wearing sparkly Fabric Flower Headband 2

And CUTENESS HAPPENS!!!! I love it! I was thinking about adding centers and I still may, I just don't know what. I wanted large clear jem stone thingies, gut I don't want it to look tacky. I thought about buttons, but that's just not calling my name. I'll think about it some more. Or I'll just leave it as-is. We shall see, my dear friends, we shall see!

So! For a grand total of $100 for fabric and the elastic headband (actually I have TONS AND TONS AND TONS of fabric left, so really even less than that) you have a super cute accessory worthy of Anthro, the Loft, Urban Outfitters, or any other super fab house of goodness!

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Deanne @ Three Trees said...

Total cuteness!!!!!! I am super impressed!

Tracy said...

Very Cute. You rock with all your headbands and hair accessories.
When I lived on my own, I would go to yard sales and pick up large flowy skirts to make my own clothes with. Made up my own patterns too, those suckers are expensive.

Brenda said...

awww this is sooo YOU!!! And it is sooo adorable!!

Marlene said...

Adorable!!! But I wish you would have taken a picture of you wearing the big ol' baggy stretchy pants FIRST!!! Bwaahaahahaaa!!! :)

Brit @ Esbe Chic said...

Super cute! way to goo :)

Sharla said...

Very clever, and cute!!

Love the Decor! said...

Adorable!! never thought about using used clothing for fabric : )

Tif said...

This is recycling at it's best! I love finding new uses for things. Darling headband!

Kay said...

Way cute!! Nice gob on making something so very ugly so incredibly awesome!

{All Thingz Related} said...

I am suddenly in love with fabric flowers! Thanks for linking to Anything Related!

Susie said...

Great score!!

Stephanie said...

Very cute!! I love people that can see beyond what's in front of them!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your joy makes my heart sing...I LOVE thrift and goodwill stores. The head bands are a great project to try to remember for my summer art camp for my grand daughters...You have such joy and I needed the joy. God bless you and your gentle spirit for living. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Faerie Moon Creations said...

WOW! That is way too adorable. I love the colors. Did you add the glitter to it? It looks glittery. :) So very very pretty and stylish. Way to go! Theresa

Deb said...

that is so gorgeous, it looks very cute in your hair too, hugs debx

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Amazing what a little money and big talent can come up with. Very cute headband.

MissKoolAid said...

That's some sparkly yummy-ness right there! Very creative and you saved those pants from a terrible fate: being worn as is!!!

Meet Virginia said...

Too cute! Ok I am so jealous of the 50 cent bin! I wish they had those at my thrift stores!!!

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Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

Everyday Kathy said...

Terrific! I think a visit to the local thrift store is in order! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

50 cents? Not bad!! Thanks for linking up!

Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

So fantastic!! I went looking for awesome headbands at the local craft fair today, and came back empty-handed. Now I'm glad! Just saved myself a bunch of money, and I'll end up with something way cuter by following your tutorial!
Thanks, girl!!