You're a Wheel Friend!

Yup.  I totally just started your Monday with THAT fun little play on words.  Why, my dear friends?  Because I can, folks.  Because. I. Can.  Just sayin'.

BUT, it was not for naught, ladies and gentlemen, I assure you!  You see, I have some WHEELY fun news!  (Yup.  Totally just did it again, dude.)  Fro reals!  The Stamps of Life has just released two brand new die sets and they are SUPER fabulous, you guys!!!  Today I am sharing the Pinwheel dies with you!  (Tee-hee... get it now... 'wheel'....  see what she did there?   Get it?  Get it?  HAhahahahaha!)  (In other news, some of us shouldn't spend all night watching the Red Sox be awesome and then stay up late watching tv the following night, because that certainly leads to fascinating blog posts come Monday morning.  Just sayin'.)

K!  So... moving on... Pinwheel dies.  Awesome little dies that match the pinwheels2stamp set!  Woot!  Woot!

You're a Wheel Friend

Ummm... CUTENESS!!!  Seriously, you guys, I totally loved these cute stamps and adding the dies just pretty much created perfection!  LOVE!!!  I combined them with some fun Studio Calico papers for this pretty little card.

You're a Wheel Friend (detail)

AND.... that's not all, folks!  You see, I love these dies so much and I was having fun playing with awesome papers, so I decided to create a cute little graphic card, too.  No pinwheels to be found, but the same die set!

Graphic Thank You

These are SUCH fun stamps and dies!  I love them.  I really do.  You can check out more samples and a great video featuring these AND the other new die set over on the The Stamps of Life blog!

Have a Happy!


  1. oooohhhh...I love pinwheels. This rocks!

  2. So cute! Love the pinwheel card!

  3. Very cool cards! Love the popped out parts and the modern use of the triangles too!

  4. ok the first one with the sentiment is too cute and i love the arrows!!


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