Sometimes They Just Don't Turn Out How You Would LIke

Just say'n.

No. Really. Let's take a moment to discuss imperfection, shall we? It is real. We all deal with it. And, quite frankly, it is a very good thing.

No. I'm not talking about embracing the randomness or anything like that. I am talking about stuff that actually turns out like crap even though you had a good idea to begin with. Or...at least...it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Case in Point:

fly away with me

Imperfection. A lot of it. And not in a good way. You see, I LOVE that hot air balloon stamp and I wanted to play a bit with inking directly on the card base so I decided to go ahead and use my scalloped circle punch as my template.

Bad Idea #1: Is a scalloped circle a good template for gradient inking? Absolutely! Was my scalloped circle punch large enough to accomplish the look I was going for? Not. Even. Close.

Yes, it is GREAT to use what you have, but, you have to use what you have well. Sometimes, I fail when it comes to that. I should have pulled out my Cricut or chosen a plain circle or something that would have been a better suited size for the job at hand.

Bad Idea #2: Is a handwritten sentiment acceptable? ABSOLUTELY! Good, even! However...rulers are a good thing. Flat surface...yup...those are good, too. And enough space so your arm can actually WRITE something - excellent idea! Obviously, I employed precisely zero of those good ideas in the application of this card. Just say'n.


One might argue that the hand dyed ribbon could have been applied with a more suitable adhesive, as well, however, to be honest, I think if everything else was done properly, that would have looked good.

Overall, this card is horrible. No. For reals. It is. And I'm okay with that. Do you want to know why I'm okay with that? Because I learned from it. I grow from mistakes like these. A few days after making this card I actually had a SUPER inspired weekend that led to the creation of ten cards that I submitted for publication. I don't know if they will be chosen or not, but what I can tell you is that they are excellent work and I am actually proud of each and every one of them.

Mistakes are a good thing. Crappy cards that look like poo are a good thing. Without them, we have no standard to measure growth. Sometimes I make ugly stuff. I usually avoid showing you that stuff or I pretend I like it just to see what you say! HA! But with this one, I decided to chat with you honestly about failure. This card: Complete and utter fail.

And I'm totally cool with that. I wasn't going to post it. To be honest, the entire reason we are having this conversation is because I neglected to upload the good stuff I had prepared for today to Flickr so I couldn't post it. I will...later. I promise! :-)

So, I challenge you to take a look at the last ugly thing you made. Don't even TRY to pretend you've never made anything you think is ugly! HA! Now...what's wrong with it? How could you have executed that idea better? I'm guessing you started with a great idea - it just didn't turn out how you would have liked. That's the way these things work. SO...you obviously have great ideas...use those uglies to grow so that you can try that idea again or make the next idea work exactly the way you saw it in your head! That makes for happy days, my friends!

Please share your thoughts today! I'd love to hear them!


  1. So, okay, I am sorta not loving the bow and ribbon, but I REALLY kinda dig the circle and the balloon. Makes me think that this balloon has to maneuver really carefully to make things happen. That's a cool statement to make.
    I dig it.

  2. Just one MORE thing I love 'bout you, Jen! You keep it real! I DON'T hate your card at all & wouldn't have even NOTICED the 'flaws' had you not enumerated them. I don't have an eye for paper art so ANYTHING I don't do looks great to me! LOL! And have I ever made anything I disliked? Uhhhh - yeah! TONS of things! Does it deter me from creating? NO WAY! I create because it makes me HAPPY! And, once in a while, when I make something I just LOVE, I'm not remotely shy about saying so! HAHAHAHA! Thanks for keeping it real & for keeping US smiling!

  3. I've made cards like that. I've become skilled at lifting things attached with dimensional dots and then I glue something else underneath it (and don't really smush down the dimensional dots until I'm sure. Yes collage has save my bacon cards several times :D. Sometimes though, they just get broken down for parts lol. I am my own card chop shop :D. It's good to have learning opportunities and thank you for sharing yours!

  4. I still like your card.And it is original and UNIQUE, like you! Valerie

  5. LOL!!! The funny thing is - I really like your card... does that make me crazy? LOL. The only thing I might change (although I like it as is) would be the sentiment could be flowing wavy like below the balloon - like a trail. LOL. :D

  6. When we have an idea in our head and it doesn't come out perfectly, we tend to think it is crap. I think it is great that you showed your card and shared with us what lessons you learned from it. You are brave!

    However, I would like to see that same card executed with those learned lessons. I think it would be AMAZING!!!

  7. I don't think it is bad at all! I really like the script writing!

  8. Love this post and love that balloon stamp also.. I have been wanting to use it but haven't yet so thanks for the added push.. I love your hand written sentiment on this and the bow I think is perfect. Thanks for sharing.. hugs
    p.s I make ugly things too. lol

  9. Been there, done that! Thanks for sharing your creative imperfections! LOL

  10. I do not think your card is so bad- I like the hand written sentiment- will you post another new and improved version???

  11. you are too hard on yourself, I really like this card, love the gradient inking think it works well with the balloon and can't believe that is your handwriting, it is fab!
    have a fabulous crafty day, Debxx

  12. What a great post! I love your honesty and humor - and can't wait to see the other cards that came out of this inspiration - and I love the one here, btw: the colors and handwriting are my favorite part. xoxo

  13. If this is horrible, please pass your horrible mojo juice over to me. I could use something. Anything. I haven't been in a creating kinda mood lately.

  14. Putting my hands up to poo cards as well......... as you say its the proportions........but I like the handwriting on a slant, this works well. So on and upwards to the next card......Hugs Annette x

  15. I love your honesty but it is all subjective. I actually like this card! My pants stuff wouldn't even get finished let alone be posted!! LOL!!

  16. Fabulous post... and yes absolutely we learn from things that don't pan out as we thought they would... I know there has been some scrapbook pages where I have tried to cover something up that I didn't like and it actually turned out better than the original idea... and never would have happened if it hadn't been for the 'mistake' in the first place...
    Sounds like you had a burst of inspiration and creativity on the weekend... wonderful :))

    Jenny x

  17. I like it, and I really like your handwriting! You make interesting points, even though I think you're being too hard on yourself. :)

  18. I suppose I have to say that a good 40% of my life is one sort of goof up or another. So yes they happen, yes, it's good to be honest about them. But it's also important not to beat yourself up over them and move on.

  19. I can't tell you how many times I've done this! Thanks for sharing sweetie.

  20. WOW, Jingle, I think it's gorgeous!!!


  21. You're right - we DO all have days/cards/projects like that. Live and learn. And always find the laughter!


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