It's Like Pea Soup Out There! But at least it isn't a tornado! Just say'n.

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Seriously. I haven't seen fog like this in awhile (well, probably since last fall, but, STILL!). It is wicked crazy thick! At one point on the highway you couldn't read the signs until you were practically right under them. It's kind of cool. I've always been fascinated by fog. The very thought that you are surrounded by a cloud is just cool, if you ask me.

The good news is that it isn't a tornado. What brought that to mind, you ask? How about this sneaky peek at this coming Friday's Pixie Dust Studio release???!!!

There's No Place Like Home

Yup! Cuteness is on the way, folks! You will see more Friday, but I simply HAD to share this fun sneak today! I cut the spiral from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge and wrote the sentiment around it along with adding a bit of glitter. *love* Dorothy is colored with watercolors and I used layers of foam tape to create dimension as the spiral moves from the card out to YOU! Head on over to the Pixie Dust Studio blog to check out what the other DT members created for today's sneak!!!



My studio, however, has no sign of fog anywhere! Which is probably good seeing as it is indoors and all. We won't mention tornadoes in there. Just say'n.

WOYWW 10/21/2011

I went with a different view this time around. What I really want to tell you is how much I LOVE my daylight bulbs in my studio! This photo was taken around 9:00pm last night. It was dark. This is what the light over my desk looks like! It's AWESOME! I don't have a fancy Ott Lite or anything, I just went to Home Depot and got the Daylight bulbs and I can't TELL you how much I love them. I highly recommend them. True colors and no eye strain - really? Yup. Really. It's kinda wicked awesome. Just say'n.


This, however, not so awesome. Well, the cards are kinda awesome, but the pile o' cards is kinda not so much. I have a couple of bags of cards from the last time I cleaned off this table and last night, after I took this photo, I matched these with envelopes (well, the ones I had envelopes to fit) and cleaned up the table a bit. Here's the thing. I think I'm going to open an Etsy shop for my cards. I was putting it off due to a lack of envelopes, but I found some and I have enough cards to get started if nothing else. What do you think? Would you buy a card on Etsy if it didn't have an envelope? Just curious.

Anyway...I hope you have a super fantastic Wednesday. Mine shall be filled with Kleenex and Sudafed. It appears that the fall allergens are attacking in full force this year. Fun stuff, folks. Fun. Stuff. At least I had oatmeal for breakfast instead of candy corn. That helps allergies, right? HA! Okay, really, I'll shut up now. I feel like this is a really long post!!! Yikes! Maybe that's because I WON'T. STOP. TYPING.

K. I'm done now.

No. Really. I'm done.

Bye now.

Jingle out.



  1. this card is adorable! love the stamped image!

  2. Great card - love that cute little girl!!! All the layering is effective too!

  3. Love the card and the pile of cards and things cheers me up no end . now I think I can wait a bit till I clear up! Valerie

  4. Gorgeous card sweetie, so clever to create that spiral! Happy Wednesday, Jo x

  5. So cute!! And Organization is for lazy people...they obviously don't like to look for things! :)

  6. You absolutely sure a tornado didn't whirl through your craft room?? LOL! Like the stuff you're working on - and since you asked, I wouldn't buy a card without an envelope from etsy/folksy/whatever, cos I'd then have to look for one myself and I'm a lazy so and so.... Have fun in the fog. Isn't it weird how normal journeys and distances are totally distorted when you can't see them clearly - spooky :D xx

  7. Very cute card - love the image and the addition of the ribbon!

  8. love the card and the pile of cards!

  9. Awesome card! Very creative...I really love how you did that swirl and popped it out! Great work! :)

  10. Love your card and love that you popped up the spiral in spots... Thanks for sharing your desk photo... Now I feel good that I'm not the only one with a pile on my desk. lol


  11. Loving your cute card and Jingle you have made loads of cards so you should open a shop, what else are you going to do with that many! The fog sounds awful, fascinating to look at but not for going out in. Annette x

  12. Happy WOYWW & love that card! The spiral is a super cool touch! I may have to check out those natural light bulbs as my chandilier casts a decidedly yellow hue. -Amanda

  13. love the card--gotta love that stamp! must have!

  14. love the sweet image, bow treatment and the spiral journaling :)

  15. Love your batch of cards...I would probably buy a card even without an envelope...but I do know how to make them...lol

    Thanks for sharing, have a great WOYWW!

    xoxo Marjo #36

  16. Feel better.... oh, and pass the candy corn please.

  17. What a great card - and that large pile is very impressive.

  18. wow, that is a lot of cards! Good idea to open up a shop! I imagine most people will want envelopes, how about making some to match?
    hope the allergies settle down, this is a bad time of year for them, my eyes have been itching lately!
    happy WOYWW, Debxx

  19. That IS a cute card - I love the spiral. Yup - it was foggy as hell here this morning, too.

    Yeah...I know I wouldn't buy a card without an envie. Even when I give away my stacks of cards, as much of a pain in the butt as it can be, I always get envelopes (or make them) to match up with them.

  20. That card is super cute. Love it.
    If you can get me transformed over to you, I could guide you with my lovely red nose I am sporting. Would give Rudolph a run for his money!! Not funny at all so I am not sure why I am laughing as I type this!!

  21. never ever ever shut up

    jingle on forever

    I love your jingling,

    and your desk,


  22. Jennifer, I love this card! That spiral background is awesome with your handwritten sentiment and glitter. I LOVE that you got a daylight bulb from Home Depot 'cause I've been weighing that vs the Ott-Lite! As for buying cards without an envelope, no, I don't think I would. I hope that helps. Thanks so much for stopping by during The Twinery's Design Team Blog Hop! I always love it when you stop by. :)

  23. Sorry about your allergies.
    I love the fog as well, but my mind starts to think of all those creepy movies I love so much :)

    Love your card. That image is cute.
    As for a card without an envelope, think you need the envelopes.
    Speaking of cards, you need some organization lady, before those lovelies get ruined :(

  24. What a great card! I love the bling and sentiments!

    Nice to see someone else' desk is untidier than mine!!!

  25. Lots to see in your fun post, thanks for the chuckle!
    joZarty x

  26. right now I'm lovin my Rachael Ray cookware!

  27. So many cards! I would open a shop too. Just to get them out of the house and make some room for more of course.
    Envelopes are essential though.
    Happy belated WOYWW

  28. I sure hope your allergies have improved since Wednesday. I know how that can be. I had a big laugh at all those cards on your table, then realized how important it is to match cards to envelopes. Sorry I'm so late showing up this week. Seems it's an ongoing theme for me lately.


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