The Coolest Phone Case EVER! No...seriously...it looks like a book....

No, for reals. I mean it. It's the coolest phone case ever. And wanna know the best part? The Hubbums TOTALLY made it for me! Yup. From scratch. Because he is totally cool like that. Just say'n.

My Phone Case

The outside is leather with a suede binding and he handstitched that beautiful gold stitching! The inside is a soft red fabric and GORGEOUS!!!!


I love the Steampunk feel it has! It is really comfortable to hold, too.

Phone Case (inside)

The inside holds the phone, obviously, but it also has three pockets for license, credit card, etc. It's nice because I can take JUST my phone for those times when a purse is just too much. *LOVE!*


Seriously, you guys. I am so totally in LOVE with this thing! It's fabulous and it just looks AWESOME! No. really...trust me on this...I know these things. Just say'n.


He made one for him, too, but mine is the only one with the fancy hole for the camera and I love that and I think that really lends to the whole 'Steampunk Phone Case' look. I thought about having him add some gears, but I don't know if I want the extra stuff sticking out from the front. I could emboss gold leaf into the leather, but I don't know if I want to do that or not, either. HA!

I have the bestest Hubbums in the whole world! It's okay...you can be jealous. I totally understand. I mean, really...he can do stuff like this, he can fix anything, he teaches kids for a living, he cooks, he cleans, he dresses well, and he's hot, too. There's a lot to be jealous of! HA!!! I love that man. Just say'n.

Jingle Out.

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  1. oh my gosh you are right--i am so jealous!!!

    he should try to sell these--they are so awesome!

  2. Fabulous, you are so lucky. And he HAND stitched too, perfectly I might add. Tracy x

  3. Wow, what a work of love! Lucky you to have such a good husband who makes such lovely things for you! Valerie

  4. WOW!!! Totally jealous! This is gorgeous!

    Deanne :)

  5. LOVE that your guy is crafty:) ISPY an EAD biz card:)

  6. It's awesome!!! Great husbands rock! :)


  7. The is SO CUTE! I need one:)

  8. What a fab husband it is great...and looks fantastic, love the fact that you can take cash along with it too..:)

  9. wow, you are very lucky! Your hubby is so clever, I would never have known that it was handmade, looks so professional but far better than anything you can buy!
    have a great day,
    happy crafting, Debxx

  10. Are you kidding me??? He MADE that?! Wowza. You really do have the awesomest man around!

  11. Yup - it's the coolest case I've ever seen!! I love it!! How does the phone sit in there? Velcro, or pocket for it, or does it just fit inside?

  12. Wow! That's a great homemade item - fancy AND useful!

  13. Oh wow!!! That is a fabulous phone case-I need something like that myself for exactly the same reason...when a purse won't work! I really think you have an outstanding hubby. Of course I think mine is pretty outstanding too...especially since he can fix anything that goes wrong with my car! And he does dishes:)

  14. When I saw it on facebook I thought you meant he had it made for you. I had no clue he made that from scratch. Thats one amazing hubby you have there!!! And one amazing phone case too!


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