The List of Awesomeness

Yes, my friends, that is what I plan to share with you today. The List of Awesomeness. What IS The List of Awesomeness, you ask? Well, that would be a list of ten things that I am finding to be particularly awesome right now. And since I am the decider of all things awesome, well...that makes this...dun,dun,DUN....

Just say'n.

P.S. This list is in no particular order. It's just all awesome.

1. PaperMate Flair pens

Yup. I had forgotten just how fabulous these things are. They are PERFECT for doing card sketches, they are fantastic for doodling (I have a Zentangle doodling style), and they can write on a sticky note pad without pushing through or bleeding through to the next page. I {heart} them. Lots. Do you know that my 6th grade teacher REQUIRED these as a school supply? I knew she was brilliant! I just KNEW it!

2. May Arts Silk Ribbon

This is a more recent discovery. And I am in love. This stuff is down right luxurious! It is so beautiful and it makes me so incredibly happy!!!

3. Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea

This stuff is so yummy and I drink it every single day and it makes me happy. That's all.

4. Fabulous Danita stamps from 100 Proof Press(You can also find them on Etsy, HERE!

Ummm...so two of these showed up in the mail last night and I am IN. LOVE. For reals. They are fabulous and they make me smile. I can't WAIT to use them on something fabulous!!!

5. Mustaches

Yes, I KNOW this trend has been around forever, but I can't help LOVING IT STILL!!! I don't know what it is about them, but I love them. Maybe it's because my Dad has always had his and it is sort of his signature look and it makes me feel at home and loved. Maybe. Or maybe they are just wicked cute, I don't know! HA!!! You can find them on stamps, embellishments, decor, clothing, and MORE!!! And...for those wondering, no, The Hubbums does not have one and no, I don't think he should grow one, as that would just look silly. Just say'n.

6. ATC Frames by Coffee Break Designs

Who knew such a simple concept could be so stinking much fun! With shapes from these great arches, to simple windows, and basic shapes they transform the process of creating ATC's! I love them! Seriously. Love. Them. Just say'n.

7. Skipping Stones Design Stamps

Yes, I know I'm biased, but let's face it, I love them. I really do! I have had a hankerin' to use this set lately, so you just might see some coffee cup goodness coming soon. Maybe. Just say'n.

8. Brach's Candy Corn

WHAT??? Don't judge me. I love the stuff. Can't even help it. And I'm not messing around with the cheap stuff this year...nope, folks, I'm sticking with the good stuff - Brach's is the best! And if you happen to click on that link above you will discover what I just discovered...apparently you can buy this stuff by the TRUCKLOAD! Just a thought.

9. My Astornot Tote Bag

I love this tote bag. It cracks me up. And, being that tote bags are the latest in adorable city accessory, I'm all about this one lately. It was the perfect light-weight companion for the art fair last weekend. AND...it's handmade. Love that!

10. My fabulous Hubbums!

Sorry, I don't have a link to where you can get one of these, but if I did I PROMISE I would share! I can't even begin to tell you how awesome he is. And totally supportive of what I do. He considers my Design Team work and my blog to be my job and respects it as such even though I have a 40 hour a week 'day job' to make the money that blogging and designing can't make. And he reminds me of this, which is just awesome. He puts up with the time I pour into these things and totally understands why I do it. He knows what a Cricut is and how to use one, he can discuss various adhesives with ease, and he knows the difference between a 10 cent sheet of cardstock and the good stuff. I couldn't ask for better!

So, there you have it...The List of Awesomeness! I hope you share something that you consider to be awesome with me today in the comments! I'd love to hear about it! Happy Thursday!


  1. Nice list, Jennifer! You have a wonderfully, supportive husband (as do I). Have a great day!

  2. Hmm, glad you put hubbums on the list - can he be ordered too?? Valerie

  3. LOL, love your list of Awesomeness and that you ended it with your husband! Great photos... love that little Danita stamp. I still have to dip my toe into the waters of 100 Proof Press. Let's just say that you are really selling them well! ;)

  4. Hey there! Okay you mentioned it before on a earlier post and I was a little intrigued... I'm referring to CANDY CORN??? What the? I haven't ever heard of it. I don't believe you can even get it in Australia. I think we are missing out. Looks and sounds... erm... YUMMDIDLIUMPCIOUS!!! Now I wonder if they'll ship to Australia. LOL!
    Hey I loved this list - you are so funny! An awesome thing for me would definately be Coke Zero. LOVE. IT. LOTS! :D

  5. Great list! Brach's is so the best for candy corn! If I can't have Brach's, I won't eat it. Glad there's no link to a hubbums site as that is just creepy. But am glad yours is so fab!

  6. Fabby list, I love that tea too! The windows are just gorg, haven't seen those before and wow, thought my hubster was understanding, you got a good one!
    Have a great day, happy crafting, Debxx

  7. I definetly think that hubby was the most awesome, a man that knows what a cricut is, well is a definte plus, but the fact that he understand your blogging and designing needs makes him AWESOME! And he ain't too bad on the eye either, either, just sayin ;)

  8. Ohhhhh! Tomorrow I am going to mail you 2 of MY fave Yogi teas! Well, 2 TEA BAGS of ONE flavor, I mean! LOL! It's goooooooood, Jen! Your list was fun to read! I'd add YOU to the awesome list FOR SURE! BIG HUGS!

  9. You crack me up! I like the ribbon and the markers but my bet is everyone wants the site name to #10 as soon as you find it. I've got my #10 and wouldn't trade him for the world.....aren't we lucky????

  10. great list! I LOVE those atc frames and I think i just might have to go in search of them this weekend!
    thanks for sharing

  11. What a fun list.
    Lovin' the candy corn ;)
    What I'm lovin' right now is finding out that a stamp company that I love (Kraftin Kimmie) is totally Canadian. Designed and Manufactured here in Canada :) LOVE IT

  12. lovin the ATC frames and I had forgotten all about Flare markers! You have a pretty good list of 10 favorite things going!

  13. Your list of awesomeness is awesome! I'll add pumpkin flavored anything to the list! :)

  14. the candy corn would be closer to the top for me.. :O)

  15. Totally jealous of your hubbums...maybe he could train other hubs? Just a thought ;)
    Awesomeness...let me see...I'd have to say Coke Zero, since that's why I'm still upright. And autumn weather, taking the mosquitoes away. That's pretty awesome, not getting eaten every time I go outside!

  16. 1. Your Hubbums is cool..and I have a pretty perfect guy that "gets it" I was giving scrappy stuff for my Birthday..."HAPPY" 2. Random point of interest your you and the man..Bancroft tower..nice place for pics and a picnic on a Sunday afternoon...just sayin! toodles!

  17. Just saw this!!! I'm honored that Coffee Break made the cut!!! YOU are awesome for sure! xo


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