Meet Catherine...


Yes, this is Catherine. She and I, well....let's just say it took some time for us to get to know one another. I actually sculpted her head for an entirely different concept and then switched THAT concept to something entirely different and then, yesterday, out of the blue, I was completely and utterly inspired by this fabulous fabric by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs and Catherine was born! (I don't know if this exact line is still available, as it was very popular, but Samantha has a FABULOUS brand new line coming out that you totally need to check out!!! I'm super excited about it!)

Catherine (face)

Miss Catherine is the type who never leaves the house without her makeup and jewelry on. You see, her face has been shimmered with Twinkling H2O's by Luminarte (Creative Imaginations) and her hair is beautifully coiffed with acrylic paint.

Catherine (Profile)

She wears tiny stud earrings everywhere she goes!

Catherine (brooch)

Her simple floral brooch is one of her favorite pieces! (Tim Holtz for Advantus)

Catherine (Bracelet)

And of course, a simple pearl bracelet because it goes with just about EVERYTHING!

Catherine (Dress Detail)

She even has lovely embellishments right on her dress! Lace and flowers are so lovely together!

Catherine (Full)

Isn't she just lovely?

I hope you all had a really fabulous holiday! (Well, for those of you that had a holiday! LOL!) Mine was truly fantastic!

Also, the winner of the Creativity For Kids giveaway is JULIE! (#55) Julie, I will email you for your info! Congratulations!



  1. omg.. HI Catherine!!! you're gorgeous!

  2. Catherine is wonderful! Excellent job! The fabric of her dress just suits her.

  3. wow, she is georgous!

  4. Catherine is adorable. Awesome job as always my sweet friend.


  5. hey jingle! you are soo good! i love when you post your dolls up.

    she's lovely :)

  6. Hey Jingle, Catherine is adorable...love all her lovely details!

  7. She is just the cutest. I love her. Hope you had a good Holiday weekend Too!

  8. She's utterly fabulous! When is she coming to visit her Aunt Lolly?

  9. She's a lovely lady and a fashionista, no less!

  10. Wow Miss Catherine you are something else and your clothes are very fetching. Cannot wait to see your new wardrobe. Annette x

  11. Welcome to the world Catherine! I hope your mommy makes you some snow boots!

  12. Nice detail.
    I love the crochet flower she has on her dress.

  13. A dolly!!!

    Her dress is just GORGEOUS...I love all the detail...from her jewelry right down to her little shawl and crocheted flower! Beautiful!

  14. Look at her all "dolled" up - get it?!??!?

    Deanne :)

  15. Cute doll, I love all the details! ~Diane

  16. wowsers! that's pretty dang cool Jennifer!! :)

  17. Wow! Congrats to you. I can't believe all the little pretty details you added to her dress. Great work. :) Theresa


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