Me, My Random Video, and some Steampunk Goodness. Just say'n.

Yup. So, yesterday on my Facebook page I randomly put out there that I was considering creating a video for today. WELLLLLL....perhaps one should not say such things when one does not have a PLAN for such things.

Just say'n.

But, since a few people said they wanted one, I did one. HA! Without a plan! DOUBLE HA! I had planned to use my Flip, but it appeared that The Hubbums must have taken it to school with him, as it was not anywhere in the apartment and, well, it's really difficult to lose stuff in there now seeing as there is pretty much nothing there. Just say'n. Soooo...I wabcammed it. I do apologize for the dark lighting - it was the best I had! So, here you go. Me. And all my randomness. Enjoy.

AND...As I mentioned in the video, I DID, indeed, get to create last night! *LOVE* AND in doing so I created a few different things! One of them being this fabulous little steampunk notebook! *HEART!!!*

Steampunk Notebook

(I do apologize for the photos - my lighting is really bad right now at home. I can't wait to get decent light back in place! LOL!)

Steampunk Notebook Close

To create this I began with a simple pocket notebook and covered it with gorgeous Samantha Walker papers from Creative Imaginations! The stamps are Scrolls Work steampunk stamps and I LOVE THEM!!!! I finished it off with some copper tape and just a tiny scrap of fabric (Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs)! I love the end result!

It was super fun to get my hands playing again! Now I am even MORE excited to get my new studio unpacked and ready to create again!!! It's gonna be GREAT!!! (I mean like Frosted Flakes kind of great! THAT great. For reals. Just say'n.)

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  1. Your video totally cracks me up! Love that your puppy got in on the action!

    Great notebook, loving the light bulbs!

  2. I have not watched yet... I just wanted to say hello... and as I was reading your post for today... I saw in my other tab that an email came in... and POOF... it was a comment from you.


    HUGS Jingle. I'll watch your vid soon.


  3. Teehee you are so cute :)
    I have some of the Steampunk paper and am not to sure about it. Some if it I love, other images just freak me out. This from a girl that loves horror and zombies LOL.

  4. Love the steampunk and some of those are on my list! Cute video! Happy moving!

  5. Hehehe...you are so cute in your video....loved watching you and boy, you sure must be busy with that move...love your notebook....it's so fun!!! And I thought I was a follower already, but apparently not, however you just got one more closer to reach 700...hooray!!!

  6. Your first paragraph cracked me up...I can so hear you saying that!

    Love the card!

    Woohoo...you're almost at 700 followers, too!

  7. hey
    i really like your blog and i hope you follow me back :*

  8. Beautiful creation :)

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  9. What a cute video! Love how your pup made a grand appearance, too. Your notebook, by the way, is great! You did a wonderful job! :) Theresa

  10. Love your notebook, and your video got me all excited! More good things coming...there are always good things over here at your blog!

  11. Love that little notebook! Isn't it amazing how a simple, cool graphic makes the piece? You have a really cute blog, i love the design!

  12. Jingle,
    I love your down to earth nature. You are naturally funny and very creative. Love the newest creation. Can't wait to see the new studio.
    I am off to play as well.

  13. oh your so darling Jingle,Loved your video! if you werent already married I'd hook you up with my son! just don't tell your hubbums!LOL


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