Happy Birthday to The Hubbums!!!! And My Cute New Old Purse...

I just want to with my fabulous Hubbums a super happy birthday!!! 

And...I wanted to do a quick post today to ....

A.  Remind you of the fabulous giveaway posted on Friday...go check it out!!!
B.  Remind you to enter my Creativity for Kids Giveaway!
C.  Tell you that LOTS of unpacking happened over the weekend and I pretty much have a studio back.
D.  Announce the Winner of my Christopher Pines Seam  Binding Giveaway!  That would be PATTI!!!!!  Patti, please email me with your contact info so I can have that awesomeness sent your way!
E.  Show you my super cute new old purse!!!  (Wow...that was lots of letters.  Hmmm...lots going on!  HA!)

No...you didn't read that wrong.  It's new to me, but I got it at the little thrift shop down the street from my office for a grand total of 50 cents.  I KNOW...I'm SUCH a big spender!  HA!  It was a splurge, what can I say!  HA!

Thrift Store Purse

Above you see the super cute all on it's own purse that I got at the thrift store for 50 cents.  I love it!  It's super cute and a nice medium size.  It has a small red mark on the front that I think will come off with a dab of hairspray, as I happen to know that it is Sharpie.  I just haven't got that far yet...something about emptying boxes in every spare moment I had!  HA!

Purple Flower Brooch

And here you see an absolutely BEAUTIFULLY crafted brooch clippy thing from the fabulous Emmamaha.  I won this in a giveaway and it is JUST STUNNING!  The craftsmanship is some of the best I have ever seen.  Not even kidding.  It is beautifully crafted.  And HEAVY, which is why when I tried to attach it to a rather flimsy headband I found that it didn't work so well, but because I absolutely adore it, I had to find a great way to display it quickly.  Hmmmmm......  Enter the new old purse I got for 50 cents.

My New Old Purse!

Ummmm...yeah.  So, is that not now the CUTEST STINKING PURSE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET????  Let me answer that one for you...yup.  It is.  Just say'n.  I am SO excited!  The two look like they were MADE for each other (only decades apart and stuff!  FUN!!!!) !  I absolutely adore it and I am so super excited and I just had to share it with all of you!!!! 

So....thanks for stopping by....please leave a comment!  They make me smile!  Just say'n!

Jingle Out.

HA!!!!  Yup.  It's totally a 'Jingle Out' kinda day.  Some days just need that kind of hilarity!  HA!


  1. You are so funny! I think you should keep the closing line...it fits you! :)

    Love the purse, great combination!

  2. Super cute, love the pin you added to it!

  3. Happy birthday to hubby, and so glad to hear the moving is going well!!

    I adore the purse...and thank you so much again for putting a smile in my day. :)

  4. You never fail to make me laugh in the morning...that broach is beautiful and what a great deal on that purse. I love the thrift store...a few weeks ago got 5 sets of stampin up stamps for about $7.

  5. Happy belated birthday Jingle's hubs!

    I can't wait to see the new craft room!

    Turkey kisses from me to you!

  6. What a cute find and the blue rose just makes it so special! Glad you can put most of the unpacking behind you!

  7. I LOVE the thrift store. I love how you brought it back to life. Super cute!

  8. They were absolutely made for eachother! Yay for you and your new/old little find :)

  9. You are so cute! I always smile when I read your "rantings" ;-)

    Super cute purse - isn't it fun to bring new life to something old! I love it!

  10. Great finds! The purse is super cute.

  11. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the purse and flower, they go graet together, enjoy your new treasures! and Happy Birthday to your Hubbums!!!

  12. Love the purse, but the broach makes it so cool. I adore thrift stores. Happy birthday to hubbums from the frog.

  13. Happy BDay to your hubby.
    That flower is awesome.

  14. Ok, when I first saw the purse I thought, mmmm Jingle must have eaten too many Fruit Loops this morning, but then after you added that flower, I thought no way! This girl ate her Wheaties! They look awesome together! Love it!

  15. It's amazing what a little embellishing can do! I think you made that purse look waaay cute! And happy b-day to your hubby - hope his day is awesome!

  16. totally cute way to bling out a thrift store find! Way to go!

  17. The broach is perfect on the purse!

  18. FIRST - Happy Birthday to your hubbums! He has a totally cool birthday!!! ;) Thanks, also - for the birthday wishes! xoxox

    Your purse and added broach are too cute!

  19. You are so cute.. I so love you enthusiasm for life.That little treasure and broach are way sweet!

  20. Oh that brooch just TOTALLY adds to your purse! Jazzes it right up. :) Hope your hubbums had a wonderful birthday! Theresa


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