Happy Thursday!

I'm having one of those 'off' kind of days. You know...the kind where you wake up and you just don't wanna. It doesn't matter what it is that is before you, it's not specifically related to anything, you just don't wanna. Yup. One of those days. I'm figuring I'll snap out of it in a bit, let's hope so, anyway.

In the meantime, I wasn't able to create anything for you today. BUT, we did get the okay for moving in to the new house on the 15th, so THAT is a good thing! I'm actually wicked excited about that. So, it looks like we will be officially in by the 15th and then I can start working on unpacking everything!

SOoooo....that means I need to get my kitchen packed up and all those piddly little things that are still around into boxes so we can be ready to go!

It's the piddly things that make life difficult. See, packing in general, while not the most fun thing in the world, is not all that difficult, however, you get to the end where you have little stuff that doesn't really go well in a box with anything else you have left and all of the sudden you feel like you are SURROUNDED by it and it will NEVER END AND IT IS TOTALLY GOING TO ATTACK YOU AND EAT YOU UP!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Okay, that may have been a bit dramatic. But you get me here, right? Right. K. Thanks. That's the stage that my studio is in. Piddly stuff. The Hubbums office, too. Piddly stuff. Just say'n.

I DID, however, manage to give away a box of stuff to someone who had requested card making supplies on Freecycle! Yay! And I have a list of books I need to list for sale either on 2Peas on here or something or another.

BUT, ANYWAY....as you can see...a rather 'off' day for me. But, alas, you have suffered enough with my rambling! HA! I hope you don't have an off day. I hope you have a WONDERFUL SUPER FANTASTIC day. Mostly because that will make me super happy.

Just Say'n.

Jingle. Totally. Out.

HA!!!! Yup. That totally made me feel a little better already!

Just say'n.

Buh-bye, now!


  1. Just hop on the plane and come on over -- we can sip coffee and watch the grass grow. heehee

  2. Must be going around...cuz I don't wanna either. I did have to get up and go to church with my kids class but now I kinda want to go back to sleep.

  3. I hate moving with a passion....you have a great attitude about it! Guess this means "no dollies" until after you're all settled. *sigh*

  4. Your body is probably just taking a little break from all the packing! Never easy to pack up a household! Happy Thursday! My word is poproodo

  5. I already told my husband, we're never moving again...armageddon? don't care--not moving! And that was 13 years ago. Hate moving!! However, it does make you rethink things...is this important enough to pack and then unpack again? nah, not really! good luck!

  6. I know how ya feel about packing and moving in general.. We are Military and MOVE a lot. I HATE packing, but I love starting fresh.. LOL


  7. Your move sounds exciting, I can only imagine the fun of packing and unpacking, but take care, you will be all put together soo enough. ~Diane

  8. We moved in May and my craft room is still mostly packed. SUCH a big, nasty overwhelming job. But I'm sure it'll be worth it once I can finally create again. :)

  9. Moving can knock the ambition out of you can't it?

  10. My day is a little "off" as well. Still desperately trying to catch up with everything. Big hugs for both of us! LOL Theresa

  11. Good luck with the move.
    We all have an off day. I think mine has lasted a week though, whats up with that.

  12. Best wishes with your move! I hate moving but love going to the new place. Hang in there!


  13. Moving can be awe inspiring... see yourself in that new house and studio! You are a very sharing individual and always make me smile. Carry on ladybug! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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