What's Tiny and Red and Helps Someone Out?

My New iPod Shuffle!!! I am so excited to FINALLY be the proud owner of one of these wonderful little things. I am also SO excited to have been able to get the (product)RED version! This means that Mac will give a portion of the proceeds to buy medications for those who are suffering from AIDS in Africa. This is SO important to me. And...of course, it helps that RED is my favorite color in the whole world! LOL! Here she is, folks...tiny, but just plain wonderful!

My new toy - iPod Shuffle


  1. I hope you have fun with your ipod!! They are the best little things ever. :)

  2. I love red, too. All my kitchen appliances are red, except the big ones, but if I could, they'd be red, too!

  3. i also love red, in fact we painted our kitchen red...LOVE it!...

    my daughter has the iPod that holds 20,000 songs...iPods are just so cool!...i listen to hers while she is at school (sshhh!)...

  4. oh-lucky you-another one here who loves red!

  5. I can't imagine you getting any color other than red! And the fact that it's helping support those with AIDs is even better. One of my brothers died of AIDs back in 1985 when it was just beginning to rear its ugly head in the US. WTG, Jennifer, for supporting a cause near & dear to my heart!

    You'll have to check out my blog later. I was just in the middle of drafting a post about my own IPod adventures!


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