Evil Monkeys and Such

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Last night I went to visit one of the boys in our youth group as he managed to land himself in the hospital after a dirt bike accident. He broke his leg something fierce and had to have surgery, so Sean and I went to see him and spend some time with him and his mom last night after the surgery. He is doing pretty well now, but he has to quite a bit of recovering to do and may beep in airports due to the two screws they placed in his bone to put it back together! I made him a quick card before we left to help cheer him up a bit. Yes...17 year old boys do actually appreciate handmade cards! LOL!

Here is the card I made:

Feel Better Soon

I love that little Monkey! He is just too adorable! He is a Close to My Heart stamp (which, by the way...I have an order open until tomorrow if you need anything!) colored with Prismacolor markers on Basic Grey patterned papers. Too much fun! The sentiment stamp, ink, and brads are all CTMH, as well.

And this....my friends....is why one should not leave scrapbook supplies out where a husband could possibly find them. You know....like ANYWHERE in your HOUSE! LOL!

I'd like to introduce you to the "ANGRY Monkey" by my wonderful husband:

What happens when you leave your scrapbook supplies out...

What is it about adorable little critter stamps that automatically sends a grown mans mind into a wild frenzy of either images of "pooping" animals or, as showcased here, EVIL animals! LOL! It made me laugh. I have to admit that! LOL!

So, what do you think? Does the monkey look angry to you? I don't think so...I think he is adorable...well, unless you add a bloody sword and crooked eyebrows!

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Do you love to use adorable critter stamps? I'd love to see what you have done with them! Post a link in the comments and I will go check out your work!


  1. I live in a household with four males - totally get the wicked pooing monkey thing -- ROFL! Also wicked pooing giraffe, hippo, leopard, cow, snake, bunny, teddy bear, etc - kwim :)

  2. lol! *shaking my head* Men! :)

  3. Oh my gosh that's hilarious.. Monkey didn't look evil until the eyebrows :D

  4. HA! Totally something John would do. BUT he would have princess leah ear phone hair and a jedi sword... Hubbys what can we do? hey least he is crafty.
    the eyebrows totally sealed the deal well bloody sword helped too. HA!
    YOur card is adorable. I need way to much from ctmh my dealer (i say that with love) my hubby called her and cut me off until we catch up on bills and pay for this stupid medication (ok not stupid cuz Im still alive but you know what I mean.. it is comin between me and my ctmh dealers relationship) you know the one where I fund her kids college education :)

  5. funny guy! How cute that your husband is a crafter too.


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