Beauty in Boston

Just a quick CTMH reminder before I show you my fun photos! The order is still open and I can accept your orders for at least another week! Let me know if you have any questions or, if you have not yet received an invite let me know and I will get one sent to you! The new catty is FANTASTIC!!! Now is the time to stock up on Holiday stamps and papers to get those cards made!

We spent our Saturday in Boston over the Labor Day weekend and I decided to look a bit touristy and take pics that I wanted to take! LOL! I know I've lived here forever, but seriously...the place has so many wonderful shots just begging to be taken! Here are a few photos that I took that day...

The City


China Town Map...on the ground, of course.


Bamboo growing in Boston...yeah...since that is a native Massachusetts crop! LOL! It is wicked cool, though!




One of the best sites in the city! LOL!


I was SO excited when I saw the Farmer's Market in full force! I snapped a bunch of pics because I just LOVE the color!!!

Colors of the City

We noticed something odd in this cemetery. Some stones had skulls and others had angels...do you think those were predictions of sorts?

Angels or Demons?

My future home! HA! If only....


Bridge Shots! I love the lines and the colors and contrast in this one!

Bridge View

I {HEART} this sign!!! Isn't it just fabulous???


Old Ironsides

Old Ironsides

Me! I love the background of this shot!


  1. Great shots! I love Boston! Interesting side note on the skulls and winged skulls ... they're called memento mori which in Latin basically means "remember you are mortal" and the skulls were common in the 1700s. Angels started replacing the skulls as headstone images more in the 1800s.

  2. Those are some freakin' fabulous shots!! Makes me want to visit Boston!!! That's interesting about the headstones in the cemetery and reading the comment from anne marie above is info I never knew and find so stinkin' cool! great photo of you btw!! have a good one!

  3. Isn't Boston the greatest? I love that sign too....it's in my flickr shots, I am a color person too..you should check out my Boston Pics...I think you would like 'em.


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