This is a layout I didn't expect to happen. Does that ever happen to you? Out of the blue comes true, heartfelt journaling that you never planned to write? Well, that is what happened here. I started this layout working on the challenge over at The Design Experiment. I loved the concept of opening a dictionary and dropping my hand on a word to start a layout. Well, my finger landed on "reverse". I started to flip through my photos to see what inspiration hit me and...here you have it. I wish I could reverse time. If for nothing else, than to develop a true, strong relationship with my little sister. Funny how scrapbooking can do this to us. Bring out our deepest feelings in our art. I love that, but it's a bit hard to swallow sometimes when I have to face the reality of my thoughts.


  1. That's a wonderful layout..

    I wanted to do that challenge, but would you believe I don't have a single dictionary anywhere in this house? We've been here two years next month, and still no dictionary.

    Pick me out a word Jing :)

  2. Jennifer, this is absolutely beautiful, and such a beautiful sentiment. It's taken 40 years, but my big sis and I are finally close again. There will never be anyone ever quite like a sister!

  3. Hey Jennifer, This really is a great layout. And yes. that kind of creative happens to me a lot. Most of the time that is when my best work is done. Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart.

  4. OHwow.. this is such an amazing layout!!! Love love what you did with the flowers here.. so creative! Thanks for sharing! XOXO

  5. OH what gorgeous journaling. You did a beautiful job on this. I just love those challenges!

  6. Lovely layout! I really like your ribbon addition ... very cool.


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