British Ducks and Whatnot

 Did you know that was a thing? There are British Ducks. No, really. Very. British Ducks. I didn't know that until I went to London over Christmas, where I met the most British duck I've ever seen. Here... let me introduce you....

There she is. Tell me she is not the most British duck you have ever seen. And, yes, she lives in the Queen's Gardens. And she is lovely. I did not take her home. but I sure did want to do so.

All that to say, ducks are pretty fun. and this new SUPER cute duck die set from Spellbinders is no exception to that!

Ummm... seriously, though! I used an amazing new raindrop 3-D Embossing folder for the background along with blended distress inks and then pieced together the adorable duck, giving him sparkly red rubber rain boots and a sparkly rain cap along with a red umbrella. 

The sentiment die is from the new Raining Hearts Etched Die set and I love it! I stacked it three deep to give it a bit of structure and dimension. And... because I borrowed a couple of the child's rubber ducks for this photo shoot... he insisted on being in a shot with them.

He's a pretty cute little duckling, himself, if you ask me! HA! 

So, head on over and check out the newest release from Spellbinders and spend your day contemplating the nationality of ducks. If you do those two things, I promise you will have a wonderful day. You truly will!

Have a good one!


  1. Your card is cute. Love the raindrop embossing folder, but I am sorry to disappoint you, that British duck is a goose. Good job you didn't try to take her home. They can be quite territorial. Hugz

    1. You are SO RIGHT! She is a goose. LOL! She is still very British. Very British, indeed.

  2. Fun fact, Queen Elizabath sent a set of Swan's here to Lakeland, FL where I live many years ago. Back in 1957, she gifted a pair of royal swans to the city. Those swans flourished and are now an iconic part of the city's culture. More than 80 of them now live at Lake Morton in downtown. So there are British Swans too :)


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