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So, Kathy Rac (yes, there is more to her last name, but that's what I call her in my head. Thanks, Instagram!), is doing her awesome 30 Day Coloring Challenge. The thing of it is... Kathy is really GOOD at coloring. Jingle, on the other hand... is okay at coloring. I mean, I don't suck at it and I can hold my own, but that's about the extent of it. Sooo... I decided to play along here and there for this challenge. We'll see how it goes. I know every day isn't feasible for me, but I plan to color MORE this month than usual. That's the level of commitment I am willing to make. PRACTICE! That's what it is all about, folks!

What They Said by Jennifer Ingle #cardmaking #mamaelephant #spectrumnoir #copic

So, I stamped these little adorables. These little adorables, while adorable, are a tad bit intimidating due to the coloring required to make them even more adorable. Naturally, I decided to stamp ALL THREE of them on ONE CARD because I like to give myself more work to do. Naturally. Seriously, though, I used a combination of Spectrum Noir pens and Copics (two critters with SN's and two with Copics... can you tell the difference? *wink*) to color the critters and then used them even more to add shadow at the bottom. Whoa. That was a LOT of coloring, folks. For reals, though.

What They Said by Jennifer Ingle #cardmaking #mamaelephant #spectrumnoir #copic

Okay, I admit it. They were super fun to color. Also, I did a little research to help choose my colors. Did you know that raccoons apparently have a thing for jazz hands? For REALS. Do a google image search. You will totally see it! Actually, I need you to see it. So... here.

It's a RACCOON with JAZZ HANDS. What more could you want, really?

SEE!!!!! JAZZ HANDS!!!! Oh, MAN, I love it so much. For reals, you guys. These are the kinds of things that just make my freaking day. For. Reals.

Have a Happy, folks!

Washi Tape: Shhhh! It's a tiny sneak from the next Pinkfresh Studio kit. Don't tell. It's a day early.
Sequins: Studio Calico


  1. lol, i LOVE it! JAZZ hands! soon cute. and yes, I need to get in on this dang challenge, I could use a bit more practice as well. Going to stamp a bunch of stuff today...fingers crossed. :) and, super cute card btw!

  2. Super cute Jennifer. Love the JAZZ hands raccoon. Made my morning.

  3. I love your CAS design and think your coloring is fabulous!

  4. yessssss! he's saying, "Just Jack!" or Just Jingle!

  5. Love your card... And the cute jazz hands guy! Jo x

  6. Lol!! That photo is just too cute haha. And you did a great job coloring and your card is super cute!

  7. Wow double bonus, brilliant card and cute critter. Jazz hands!!! Love your colouring


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