Well, That Stinks!

I am a dog person. If you have been around for more than ten minutes, you likely know this, already. I am not a cat person. I mean, I don't have anything AGAINST, them, per se, but they pretty much try to kill me every time I am in their presence. The don't do it on purpose. It's just that I am one of those people to whom animals are naturally attracted. This includes both cats and dogs. The thing is, I am VERY allergic to cats. Not a little bit allergic. LOTS of allergic. And they insist on touching me. And I love animals, so I have a very hard time turning down a cute and fluffy furball. Alas, this, is why I am not a cat person. They try to kill me.

BUT...I can still STAMP them! Because I am NOT allergic to ink and paper. WHOA, that would SUCK! It's a good thing I'm not allergic to ink and paper. For reals, though.

Not Feeling Well? by Jennifer Ingle #justjingle #newtonsnook #cats #cards #getwellsoon

CUTENESS! I love the Newton's Nook cats! They are just adorable and so much fun to color, too! I colored this little furball with Spectrum Noir pens and then fussy cut the patterned paper below him to be the 'floor'in order to limit the layers on the card. The little bunting thingy (yup, technical term) is also cut from patterned paper.

Not Feeling Well? by Jennifer Ingle #justjingle #newtonsnook #cats #cards #getwellsoon

OH! Also, many of you have asked where I get my delicious coffee flavors. The answer is not likely going to make you happy unless you live on the North Shore in the greater Boston area. LOL! They come from a place called Heavenly Donuts. There are a few in the area, but only some are actually good because they have different owners. MINE, however, is amazeballs. They have the BEST customer service ever AND they have so many amazing coffee flavors (both iced and hot) that it blows your mind. For reals, though.

Have a Happy!

Stamps: Newton's Nook Naughty Newton clear stamp set
Patterned Paper: Project Life Southern Weddings 6x6 Paper Pad (P.S. This paper pad is absolutely GORGEOUS and not overly wedding-ish, so it is super versatile and you need it. For reals, though.)
Markers: Spectrum Noir


  1. Well I'm glad you aren't allergic to cat images because this little always makes me smile! Great card!
    Enjoy your yummy, local coffee!

  2. Oh that is just super cute!! I'm a dog person too, but I too love to put cute kitties on my cards!!

  3. Your card is just too cute! And that's a total bummer you're allergic to cats. I wouldn't say they're trying to kill you... But rather they're trying to love you to death..sorry for the cheesy comment haha

  4. This is super adorable! Great colouring of the kitty! I love NN stamps too. So sorry you are allergic to cats - I have 3 of them!

  5. This is so cute! I love the scene you created for the naughty little kitty!


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