A Primary Rotation

It's a chilly Monday morning and it looks like we may be getting one heck of a blizzard tonight and tomorrow! That means extra time at home and THAT means extra crafting time! (This is me attempting to see the bright side of over two feet of snow coming this way. *sigh* LOL!) Today I have another fun card for the Winnie & Walter Birthday Bash to share with you. This one was challenging, but turned into something I really enjoyed working through! I was inspired by the In Rotation challenge.

Primary Hello

Let me begin by saying that this card is not perfect. And I debated sharing it. BUT... you know what? I'm proud of it anyway, so I AM sharing it. Because it's kind of cool, you guys! For reals, though! Instead of basing my rotation on the center of the card I actually used the giant chevron from the Winnie & Walter V is for Chevron set to create a rotation in each quadrant of the card. I then colored them with THREE Spectrum Noir pens. Just three. I allowed the coloring to overlap to create new colors. LOVE!!!

Primary Hello Process

As you can see, the coloring was SUPER bright and bold. Which was awesome, but also a bit strong. I layered a sheet of vellum over it and then die cut the Hello cutaway several times to create the sentiment over the vellum. It's simple, but I like it. I tried several things without the vellum and the background was just too strong. I haven't decided if I am glad I went with it or not yet. HA!

Primary Hello (detail)

That design, though, you guys. That's why I shared it, despite the imperfection. That design is just plain COOL! And it was fairly simple to do... just a hollow chevron stamp. And a few pencil guidelines. LOL! Don't forget to try fun new things with your stamps! Pretty awesome stuff can come from it!

Have a Happy!


  1. I love the idea of the overlapping images and the coloring. Your card has a ton of fabulous energy! TFS!

  2. Very cool design! Glad you shared!!!

  3. great design! Looks like a lot of work, but it's definitely cool.

  4. I like the vellum - super awesome card!!

    Deanne :)

  5. Such a fun and bold card! Love your background design and bright colors!

  6. oh, super cool, love it!! snow...YAY! we were at the complete opposite side of the weather today----60 degrees not a cloud in the sky!!? what, that doesn't happen in January in Seattle!! crazy...good luck dearie!!

  7. Ack!! Jingle! This is just the type of amazing thing I was hoping would come out of this challenge!! Love that you picked the large chevron. Love that you rotated in quadrants. Love your overlapping colors. Really love everything about this!! I think it would look wonderful without the vellum too. Any way you look at it, it's a stand-out card : )

  8. Great demo of the Spectrum Noir possibilities! Love the chevron and coloring! Good idea to overlap with the clear vellum to show stamp but tone down the brightness! I think it's great! :)

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