Because Captain America

Well, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy over the weekend, did YOU?! It was fun. Totally fun. And it will hold me over nicely until the next Avengers movie comes out. SPEAKING of Marvel movies. And the Avengers. And Captain America. This card... it was fun.

My Hero Captain America Card

Yup. That would be the newer version of the Captain America suit translated onto a card. Yes. I am a dork. Yes. This does please me greatly. Good. Glad we got through all of THAT super fun stuff!!! Ummm...I {heart} super hero movies. For reals, though. Lots. Even Captain America and his old fashioned ridiculousness.

To create this one I die cut the star using the Avery Elle Ornament Simply Tags set from silver cardstock. Yup. Christmas dies. For a super hero card. 'Cause I like stretching my supplies, THAT'S WHY! K. Moving on... I scored the die cut star and used varying levels of foam tape to adhere it to the card so it would maintain some kick ass dimension. LOVE THAT! Then I cut silver strips, trimmed the edges to angle them properly, and adhered them. So simple!

My Hero Captain America Card (detail)

The sentiment is stamped and embossed, keeping it simple, but perfectly on point. That is from the (unfortunately discontinued) Kelly Purkey DUDE stamp set.

This one was fairly easy to make, but TONS of fun! I kind of love it.

Have a Happy!


  1. I love it! Awesome job with the Cap's emblem! I'm a huge Super hero fan, too, and I think it's wonderful that you created this super cool card!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Too fun! I love this design, you nailed it!

  3. You totally nailed the design :) love that star !

  4. THIS IS LIKE THE MOST EPIC CARD EVER. I HAD NO IDEA YOU LIKED MARVEL MOVIES!!! :D :D :D :) I have not seen GOTG yet, but I think I will next weekend...
    But like this card...wowwwwwwwwww!!! :D CA:TWS was like my fave Marvel movie yet...but like you got the suit design like sooooo right and amazing and woah and I like freaked out when I saw this on IG this morning. :)

  5. What a fun card! Super original, I love it!

  6. Love the card, and the dimension of the stars kicks it to an entirely new level! I have to remember to do that instead of flat stars : ).

  7. Awesome card! And yes- OF COURSE we saw Guardians of the Galaxy! :)

  8. EEEK! Movies and super heroes are my faves. This card is AWESOME!


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