Hiya by the Sea!

I love summer.  I really and truly LOVE summer.  I love the hot weather, I love the beach, I love the long days... I just LOVE SUMMER!  I have been particularly enjoying THIS summer.  The Hubbums and I have spent some extra time together, we've been doing some super fun things together, and pretty much that just makes me a happy girl!  YAY!  I recently made this card for a Paper Crafts call, and while it didn't get in, I still kinda love it.  It's outside my usual style, but I just let the inspiration carry me and this is where it landed!  Love it when that happens!


I carved a wine cork to create the star that I used to stamp the background and I used Momento Luxe inks for that to get a really nice, creamy impression.  I love that ink!  I added some fun embellishments and a cutout from Authentique's Fresh collection.  It's so whimsical and fun!  I just love it!  I also added a touch of Bossy Joscie map flair.  YAY!

Hiya (detail)

This was a super fun card to make and it reminds me of just how wonderful summer by the sea can be!  I love it!  I hope you have a spectacular start to your week!

Have a Happy!


  1. Beautiful job! That bottle scares me when I think about mailing, but I just figure that's a "I'ma just gonna HAND it to you" kind of card!
    Love it!

  2. I just love this whimsical creation!

  3. the bottle is the perfect touch!

  4. Look at you with this fun, layered up style! Awesome card, Jennifer!

  5. love the vintage/retro graphics. Beautiful!!

  6. Love it! Very cool additions!

  7. Awesome card!!!Love the design,great idea with the bottle!!!

  8. What a fun collection of elements on this card! Definitely makes me anxious to get out of land-locked Indiana and back to the beach. :)


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