Let's Go Shopping!

No.  Like, for reals.  Wouldn't it just ROCK if we could all get together and do some crafty shopping together?  Totally, dudes.  Totally.

But, alas, I don't see that as actually being feasible, therefore, I am going to use today's post to give you a heads up on some great products I've come to love (and own) and maybe toss in a couple on my wish list, too.  Just sayin'.

1.  Milwaukee Precision Heat Embossing Tool - Hero Arts

You guys, for reals.  I just got this heat gun recently after using my CTMH one for years and years.  It is super hot and what I really love about it is that it heats exactly where you want it to.  I've used it on vellum and cardstock successfully and I really like the way it works.  Totally worth the investment.  Also, friends who have it have told me that it pretty much lasts forever and that's totally what I'm looking for in a good heat gun.  Just sayin'.

This is the tool I honestly thought was silly until I saw either Jennifer McGuire or Kristina Werner use it in a video.  Once I saw this sucker in action I KNEW I needed one.  It's the tool I never knew I needed and don't know how I ever lived without!  It allows for easy lining up of stamped images (see the zig zag card I posted yesterday, for example) and you can, if you so choose, put multiple stamps on it at once, too.  I have the compact one and I love it... if you use a lot of larger stamps, you may want the larger one.  I am always a little sad when I remember I can't use mine for background stamps.

I bought this set on a complete "OH, that's so cute I need it!" kind of whim and I am SO glad I did!  I use this die SO MUCH!  I am always hesitant with word dies because I am afraid I won't use them enough, but this one is a must have!  I love it!  It works for so many different types of cards and other projects, too!  Totally worth the whim purchase and it's super affordable, too!

Be still my paper loving heart.  I bought the 6x6 pad.  I might need the entire 12x12 collection.  It is SO gorgeous!  The cover samples don't even do it justice.  I am fighting off hoarding tendencies with this one!  It's so pretty I want to keep it forever!  HA!

Navy.  First of all...it's an awesome color.  Second of all... it's hard to find a true navy ink.  This one is true navy.  And it's stunning!  It sinks into the paper and evens out so beautifully!  I love it!  I have found myself replacing what might have been black sentiments with navy for just a *little* something different.  I love this ink pad.  Love it.  I think I said that already.  But I do.  I love it.

AND... as for my wish list, well, that's pretty much in a constant state of growth.  HA!  Here are a couple of things I have my eye on right now, however....

I never really considered purchasing distress stains until I saw the white wash technique done with this one.  I need it.  For reals.  

Umm... yeah.  I totally love these and see SO much potential for card cuteness in this die set!  There are coordinating stamps.  I probably need those, too.  Just sayin'.

Maybe it's just because I was born this way, but I do so love the beach.  And the ocean.  And this paper.  For reals.  It's kind of amazing and I kind of love it super tons of lots.  I need it.  Some of those patterns are SO not my usual kind of thing, but I still love it.  *sigh*  

So, that's my list for you today.  What have you bought and LOVED recently?  Anything on your wish list?  Well... it wouldn't surprise me if I just added to your wish list... we are wonderful enablers, are we not?  HA!  I hope you have a super fantastic day!

Have a Happy!  

Jingle Out!


  1. love all your must haves! the only one i have is the stamp press- i took a class several years ago from jennifer at my lss and she recommended it and i fell in love with it--

  2. Okay that navy ink is now on my list - thanks for the tip Jingle! The patterned paper looks quite yummy too!

  3. Great lists, Jennifer! I have the distress stain. You'll love it!

  4. Hey cool a shopping trip together would be awesome!! Next best thing is seeing what you like-thanks for the share!:) I love, love Hero Arts Mid-tone inks-they do so rock!!

  5. I love the nautical paper too. I just got some of the distress stains and I like them. I've recently found a new love for Tim Holtz.

  6. I thought the stamp press was silly, too, until recently. I've been eying it lately. Now I want it even more. On my list!

  7. Another??? Die set company? I'm in big trouble. :)

  8. What a great list! I am jonesing over the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board!!!

  9. I have some of the Maggie Holmes Stuff too, and I looooooooove it! I also have the Tim Holtz White Distress ink, and it is pretty cool too. I have been enjoying dabbling in the whole navy trend a little bit. I did a navy, mint, grey, and cream layout last week and I was very pleased with it!

  10. Not feasible to go shopping together? I think you forgot about me, Jess and Suzanne! hehe :)

    Love your list

  11. Yep! It would be totally fun to craft with you. :) I really need those dies and the embossing tool.

  12. It was fun shopping with ya ;)
    I have had that fiskars stamp press for years, and have just started to use it, lol.

  13. I just ordered the "YOU" die and stamp set along with the stamp press and the rounded diamond Elle-ments Dies are on my wish list already. :) Thanks for sharing!


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