I Love You Like a Sponge Loves ... Doing Spongy Things

'Cause that happens. Sponges. Doing spongy things, that is. Wellllllll.... it's obvious that the week is winding down and I'm not getting enough sleep, now isn't it? HA! I kid, I kid! I'm actually perfectly coherent when I write these things, which should probably concern you to an even deeper level, but it's all good. I'm okay with it. Just sayin'.

Love Always

Sooo... what does love have to do with sponges and what do sponges have to do with Moxie Fabness? I am SO glad you asked! It all boils down to the Stamp With a Homemade Stamp Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. Yup. Cath asked us to create our own stamps. I had a bunch of ideas. This is one of them. If I get lucky, I shall execute yet another before the week end concludes, however, I make no promises to this effect, as I simply cannot be sure. For reals.

My stamp? A sponge. Yup. Like...the common kitchen kind. NO...it didn't come in a cool heart shape, but it's amazing what a pair of good, strong Fiskars can do, lemmetellya! (Yup. That's totally a word now. Go for it.)

Love Always (detail)

Why a common kitchen sponge you ask? 'Cause, DUDE, check out that texture! That's why! It's kinda awesome, actually. And you can get different results if you use it mildly damp (like when they are fresh from the package.. isn't that kinda gross? It always grosses me out. I kinda hate it, but it did come in handy for this project... k... mini diversion concluded...) or you can use them dry to get a crisper feel to the texture. It's fun to play with the options.

I stamped it with ink and cut it out for this one. Then I added it to my layered card base with foam tape and used a fabulous SRM Sticker sentiment and three naked wood veneer hearts from Studio Calico. I don't often use them naked, but it seemed to work for this one, so I went with it. YAY!

K... well, I had better let you go, as it seems I might be in a rather chatty mood this morning and my fingers just KEEP TYPING! AAAAHHHH!!! THEY ARE TAKING OVER! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!

Yeaaaaah.... k. That's done now.

Anyway... have a HAPPY!

Jingle Out!


  1. You really do come across as very happy... you make me giggle. So happy begets happy. I really like the simplicity of this card. Thank you for sharing and have a HAPPY day... :)

  2. Love the sponge technique -- great card!

  3. Awesome sponge technique! Great card!!!

  4. That is some great texture! Sweet card.

  5. great idea!! I could see using this in various shades of pink/red on a white back ground - hmmmm, now to go find some sponges :)

  6. so fun...I never realized how awesome a sponge could be!

  7. Hope you have things under control now! love the card!

  8. What a cool texture you created, Jingle! Love it!

  9. Great texture created there Jingle!! I really need to get off my behind and create for these Moxie challenges before I run out of time!!

  10. Adorable card!! Love the simplicity of it and the sponge technique.

  11. Great idea! I've seen sponge stamps for kids so why not for us too?

  12. Hey Jingle! Thanks for linking this up to the Stamp with a Homemade Stamp Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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