Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, May Arts Christmas Tree...

....How Lovely ARE your Riiibbooooonnns! YAY! I finally got my Christmas Tree up and it is COVERED with May Arts ribbon! I love it. I really really do. Just sayin'.

Christmas Tree

I used two different ribbons for my tree. First, I put the lights on, then I wrapped it in Sheer Twinkle ribbon (3"), keeping it nice and billowy! I love how the lights twinkle through the pretty ribbon!


I added long strips of the gorgeous navy blue Faux Linen ribbon starting from the top and gently pushing it between branches in lines down to the bottom. Again, I kept it loose and a bit billowy. I love how pretty the faux linen is!


The blue and white with the twinkle lights makes me SOOO happy! I added some sparkling glittered snowflakes to the tree and then made a big 'ole flopsy-wopsy bow for the top of the tree with the faux linen ribbon. Yup. That's the official name of this bow type. I mean, really? Would I make something like that up? HAHAHAHAHA!

Flopsy Whopsy Bow

And underneath the tree, well, THERE is a special friend! JINGLE!!! Jingle is a wonderful stuffed dog from Hallmark that helps you read stories! He barks and whimpers and sings all at the right times! He's GREAT!!!!! Just sayin'. Oh...and his name is Jingle, so that automatically makes him the bestest. For reals, though.


So, my friends, I hope you have enjoyed my little Christmas Tree tour! If you would like to see more gorgeous ribbon adorned trees, check out the May Arts blog today! The Ribbonistas have done some amazing decorating with ribbon!!!

Jingle Out...both of us. Just sayin'. ;)


  1. Cutest little Christmas tree ever! And I love your little guard dog :)

    Deanne :)

  2. very lovely!! Love the blue as the topper!!!

  3. Lovely tree ! Jingles is adorable.

  4. Love how this turned out! Great shade of blue and I love the tree topper....we have a jingle too, but his batteries are dead....

  5. Great job on the ribbon and tree. This really takes talent. I gave it a shot to put ribbon in my tree like this and could not get it to work like this. Great job.

  6. Gorgeous way to decorate and tree and Jingle is the perfect touch.

  7. I must say I'm not normally a fan of the use of the color blue for Christmas decorating but your tree is absolutely stunning. The navy blue and silver ribbon with the white ornaments - just a really creative idea.

  8. What a great look. I love the blue!!! NICE

  9. Love the blue... our tree is such a rainbow, maybe we should have a more simple color scheme?

  10. Love how both ribbons accent each other's beauty!

  11. Your Christmas Tree is so so pretty :)


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