A Proper Push-Up in Pink!

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Well, they say push-ups keep you in shape...I wouldn't know. HAHAHA!!! (Actually, that's not true...I can do push-ups and I've even been known to do them on purpose...just say'n.) BUT...why are we talking about push-ups on this fine Friday morning? Oh, yes...because it's my turn for Feature Friday over at Skipping Stones Design!

Push-Ups Keep You In Shape

Yup. That sentiment is TOTALLY in the new Bras Volume 3 stamp set. Just say'n. As are several other AWESOME freaking sentiments. They are hilarious!!!!

Pus-Ups Keep you in Shape (detail)

The paper is Pebbles, Inc. and the ribbon is May Arts fabulousness! I stamped the bra several times using a mask as I went to create the pattern. SO FUN!

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Jingle Out!


  1. was waiting on this one ha,ha ~so cool, love it!!!!

  2. Busy girl today! They are all fabulous but I just love this fun card!

  3. girl you crack me up!!!
    super fun card :)

  4. what a riot! such a fun card! this will definitely bring a smile to someone's face (and a good laugh too). :)

  5. *Snicker* Apparently I'm now a lady of a certain age, and yep, the girls need help. Sigh.
    Love the layout, and the awesomeness that is 3 whole sets of bras. LOVE that :)

  6. You find the most fun sentiments!


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