Thanks a Bunch for THAT Road Rage Adventure!

Okay, so that's a loaded title. HAHAHA! Let's start with the Thanks A Bunch part and then I can tell you my story... Yes. I have a story to tell today!

First, a card!

Thanks a Bunch

I created this card based on the August Sketch from The Craft's Meow. I just love the sketch and had a lot of fun using three different The Craft's Meow Stamp Sets. I used Lovely Labels 14, Stitched Flowers, and Stitched Sentiments.

And here is the sketch that it came from.

I am also entering this in the Focal Point Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I feel like all elements in this card come down to that right hand corner of focal point cuteness!

Thanks a Bunch (detail 1)

I fussy cut the fern so that I could have it partially behind the frame and then pop it out to really stand out on the front of the card. I love doing this with fun frames on cards! The beautiful ribbon is May Arts.

Thanks a Bunch (detail 2)

And now, for the story. Road Rage. I now know just how real it is, as last night we ended up at the Police Station after becoming genuine victims of a road rage incident. For reals, you guys. WICKED CRAZY SCARY STUFF!

Here's what happened...

We were on our way from Target to the pizza place to pick up a pizza we ordered for dinner. We exit off the highway (The new area where we live is ALL ABOUT the highways - they are everywhere and pretty much super necessary to get around.) and move onto the on ramp. All of the sudden there is a Honda Accord about two inches from our bumper. And that might be generous! This guy was REALLY close! So close, I actually said to The Hubbums, "Wow! That guy is like crazy close to you right now!" While looking I could see his hand waving and gesturing out the sunroof. I couldn't see it, but The Hubbums said that his OTHER hand was doing the same out the driver's side window...leaving exactly ZERO hands on the wheel of the vehicle, which, mind you, is still two inches from our bumper.

So...that's pretty scary to begin with. Sean continues to drive at appropriate speeds for the road we are getting onto. The guy starts SCREAMING from his car - I have no idea what he was saying, as our windows were up and, quite frankly, I don't think I want to know what he was saying. Then, once we are on the road, something hits our rear window (The Hubbums drives a Mini Cooper.). He had thrown something at the car. No clue what it was, but it hit the rear windshield and made a thunking sound. That was also very scary. Then the guy speeds up, comes up beside us and throws something ELSE - A soda bottle - full - at the driver's side. It hits the door. Thank GOODNESS the window was shut because I'm pretty sure he would have aimed from Sean's head! It left a rather substantial bottom-of-bottle-shaped dent in the door of the car.

So...at this point, this guy is extremely dangerous. He has verbally threatened us, well, at least, I don't think he was screaming really nice things at the top of his lungs. AND...he has proven an intent to harm. And, as I said, he threw that while passing us. Well, he wasn't content to just keep going at this point. And, I was already on the phone with 911 as he STOPPED his car in the middle of the road, blocking us from getting by (there was some on coming traffic so going around him would have been VERY dangerous at this point) and he GETS OUT OF THE CAR.

Yes. I am scared. I'm not going to lie. We had no idea what this guy was thinking at this point. He approached the car, screaming the whole way, and, ended up on MY side (the passenger side) of the vehicle where he proceeded to PUNCH the window beside my head. I was on the call with the Police at this point and I'm quite sure they heard just how concerned I was. Just say'n. He punched it hard enough that there was skin on the window this morning. For reals. Actually, thinking about it, I'm guessing his hand is in a rather substantial amount of pain this morning. That HAD to hurt! And I am REALLY glad I never even considered opening my window because with as angry as this guy was, I'm not convinced he wouldn't have hit me. Seriously, you guys...I don't even want to think about it, but it is/was so scary!

He got back into his car and then tried to BACK THE CAR into us. I know he was thinking he could say it was our fault for 'rear ending' his car, but at that point I was already talking to the Police, so they would have known exactly what happened. He kept moving his car forward and then backward again.

He progressed down the road a bit further, and, come to find out, we were getting closer and closer to the Police Station. The dispatcher on the phone gave me directions to the Police Station and we pretty much screamed into that parking lot. (Remember, we just moved, so we didn't know the station was there.) At that point, Sean had noticed flags and started driving toward them since that's usually a sign of some kind of authority. So, we arrived at the police station and the officers were on their way out the door when the other driver, who had conveniently passed the Police Station, decided to turn around and join us there! I thought for SURE he was history, so I was pretty surprised he followed us into the station parking lot!

He pulls up RIGHT NEXT TO US - driver's side, gets out of the car and immediately starts SCREAMING at the Officer! Well. That's one way to handle it.

He got all up in on officer's face right off the bat and that officer got all up in his face right back at him. Due to the screaming two more officers (two had originally come out to meet us) pretty much appeared out of nowhere to help deescalate the situation. At that point, we had four officers around, we were standing in front of the Police Station, every officer was fully armed and geared up (and I mean FULLY! We moved from the city to the burbs and I NEVER saw a Police Officer wearing as much gear as these guys were in the city! It was kind of weird, but at that moment, I was REALLY GLAD!). One very nice female officer came over to talk to us. She gave us a minute to stop looking all buggy eyed and asked what happened. Another officer, after calming the other guy down, asked the same of him. We never had to talk to him and I am REALLY glad about that. Our two cars were between us the entire time and he left several minutes before we did, which made me feel a bit more comfortable that he wouldn't follow us again, but I was still nervous. Heck...I was nervous driving to work this morning!

So...as it currently stands, we are waiting on the Police Report, but it looks like some kind of charges will be filed. We don't know what yet. We will have to go to court to tell our side of the story to get it all resolved and get the damage to the car repaired.

When asked why this all happened. Apparently he told the officer that we had cut him off on the highway. We didn't. If we did, we totally didn't mean to, but seriously...this guy didn't appear in the rear view mirror until we were already on the on ramp and he was suddenly two inches from our bumper.

AND...even if we had cut him off...seriously? This is how you react to that? I drive a LOT. I used to drive 100 miles a day to get to work and back (thankfully that is much less now! YAY!). If I assaulted people every single time I got cut off, I wouldn't have time to WORK, for goodness sake! That is simply not an acceptable reaction under ANY circumstances!

So...that's what happened. I'm writing it all down because I'll have to recount it again in court and I figured this was a good way to tell the story.

AND...Road Rage is real. It isn't a joke. I never knew it could be like this until now. This didn't happen in a city, a rough area, or any place that would be marked as dangerous...it happened in your average suburban American town - not far from the Police Station at that! Be careful out there and don't take these things lightly. I fear for what could have happened and I'm very grateful that this man wasn't armed with anything other than his vehicle and a couple of soda bottles.

Road Rage isn't a joke. It's real. And people can get very hurt or even killed. I was SO impressed with the defensive driving skills of my husband! I would have likely wrecked my car in that situation. It was NOT easy to evade this guy AND be slightly freaked out at the same time all while your wife is pretty much yelling into the phone at the emergency dispatcher trying to give them the location and 'play by play' action over the phone.

Be Safe.

Jingle Out.


  1. WOW! First, great card. Second - road rage is SCARY!! I have been chased into the ditch (where we got stucK) by an enraged woman, in the middle of winter. And started pounding on my window calling me every name in the book. VERY scary stuff. Hope you are ok.

    Deanne :)

  2. OMG, a long time ago I knew a women who got a FELONY charge for road rage. She was stressed at work and had some health issues and I think some medication she was on caused her to be more aggressive. I'm so glad ya'll are ok.

  3. Um, that is a crazy story. You will have to keep us posted on Mr. Road Rage and what the ramifications of road rage are. NUTSO! Glad to hear that there was no bodily injury, except for the poor mini. Great card too - love this set!

  4. glad you all are safe and sound!!

    super cute card

  5. Wow! just Wow! So glad you're ok.

  6. Wow, how terrible. I am glad that you are ok!

  7. Love the card btw... your road rage story is crazy. glad to hear you are ok.

  8. Jenny, I am so sorry that happpened to you, it sounded horrendous. Just glad both you and your husband are OK. It sounded like you both stayed as calm as you could, good for you. So scary!

  9. Wow! Just so glad you and hubby are safe and sound now!! No telling how it could've gone worse!
    Wonderful card and hope Moxie Fab picks it!

  10. Whoa! I can't believe the police let him just drive off after all that.
    Great story for this monday morning:)

  11. Oh my goodness Jingle. I am so glad you are OK, and lucky that the angry driver followed you to the police station. Was he backing up and getting out of the car on the freeway?
    BTW....your card is fabulous!!

  12. wow wee that is intense...I am glad you guys are ok..Road rage is out of control. The people are crazy here in CA too...Glad you guys made it to the police station...

    Your card is amazing..

  13. First, fabulous card, love your take on the sketch! Second, WHOA! Not a night you will soon be forgetting - glad that you guys are okay...and that Road Rage Guy will be held accountable for his unacceptable behaviour. - yikes!

  14. Woke up this morning to see your post on the Gals FB page! After reading this, I know my fears about getting on the highways to drive across Phoenix to visit family are not unsubstantiated! I have seen other drivers having problems with crazy drivers and have managed to stay as far away from them as possible. But with the traffic getting increasingly worse and roads more crowded, our chances of NOT running into these nuts grows smaller. I am SO glad nothing worse than it did happened. You see stories on the news... Yes, this is is one story I want to hear the ending to!!! Good luck in court! (can you tell my faith in the justice system has been tested before?) (hugs)

  15. I am frightened just hearing your story!! So glad you got on that phone! After that story I almost forgot about the card - I went back up to look at it again and it seems so peaceful!

  16. WOW, Jennifer.. so glad you and hubbums are ok! What an absolutely TERRIFYING experience.. can't even imagine! What a blessing to have been so close to the Police station! I hope it all works out with as little stress and hassle as possible. And again, SO GLAD you both are OK!

    Gorgeous card! Love how you have the leaf peeking out of the die.. love the dimension, and it's so clever! :)

  17. So glad you're safe! Great card, too.

  18. Jingle, so glad you are okay! (((hugs))). That sounds so frightening! Why wasn't the guy arrested? He assaulted you guys and at minimum vandalised your car.

  19. So glad you are both ok!
    Sounds like that guy has a few screws loose and needs major anger management help!
    That is just not normal behavior.
    Even if someone "cuts you off".

  20. I also think he should have been arrested. They could see the damage to your car and the blow by blow description while you were on air with them.
    Hope you will both be OK and the car gets fixed real quick!

    PS Love the card!

  21. Since my mouth is still hanging open from the "nerve of THAT guy" I will address that issue. I sooo don't understand how people can be reduced to acting like animals. I'm so thankful that you and Sean are alright (physically..I'm sure emotionally will take some time)and that the "creature" didn't have any weapons on him. If your highway is anything like ours here I would guess that you didn't pull out in front of him..he was probably in the other lane and wasn't paying attention and swooshed into your lane and there you were. I think the punishment to anyone that acts out with some much rage like that should have their licenses suspended.

    Now that my mouth is closed...I adore your card. Awesome as always.


  22. beautiful card, Jingle! I love the soothing colors and how you popped up the frame so that the fern could peek through. Fabulous!

    Hope your day/week is calm.

  23. yikes girl. that is terrible. My anxiety is through the roof just reading the story. I'm glad you're physically okay and I hope everything works out for the best.
    PS, when we lived in alabama, there was a woman who shot another woman on a freeway offramp over a road rage incident. sad, scary times I tell you.


  24. Dang, so glad to hear it ended like it did. And so glad he came to yell at the cops! What is wrong with people?! Abnormal response to what he calls a cut off, most people just say idiot and back off to let the driver do his thing. I'm guessing no one will believe his version since he was such a freak! I actually think I'll relate this to my daughter so she can realize you don't confront anyone who gets out of their car, you call the cops!

  25. OMGosh, what an experience! Unreal! I'm so glad you're okay, even if your car is not. I just hope the prosecution goes smoothly for you. Be safe!

    Your card is wonderful! I love the way you combined the stamp sets. So gorgeous. Thank you so much for playing in The Craft's Meow August Card Sketch Challenge!

  26. Glad you are safe. Sorry you had to deal with such a whack job-scary!

  27. The card is cute, but wow...you are so lucky the crazy guy didn't pull a gun.

  28. Oh my goodness, what a scary experience. I am glad you are okay.

    Your card is beautiful! I LOVE your design.

  29. OK, beautiful card... but oh my goodness your story makes me nervous just hearing it! I am so glad you are all ok and that crazy wasn't able to cause more permanent damage... maybe it was roidrage too... yikes!

  30. Wow. Just, wow. I'm glad that you got in contact with the police right when you did - I can't believe that the guy followed you into the station! What a totally loony situation. Thank goodness for the officers getting right to it & keeping everyone safe. Yikes.
    We experienced road rage a number of times over the years living in Vancouver, and yep, if you overreacted to everything on the road you'd never go home or do anything BUT react. Sheesh. Maybe they should start teaching about road rage as part of driver's ed?

    And, by the way, I love how you've tucked the fern into the label - so much dimension & interest that way :)

  31. Cute projects and some people just should not be on the road!

  32. Oh wow - the road rage is VERY scary. I see tailgating all the time. Take a breath and try to relax. Now you have a good written account to what happened.


    PS The card is great - love the detailed cutting job!

  33. Great take on the sketch! So glad that you go to play along with TCM this month. Glad to hear that you are doing fine too after your ordeal.

  34. Wow, sorry you had to go through that. So hope this guy get charged and good.
    Some people are just whackadoodles and there is nothing you can do to calm them down.

    Your card is lovely. I like how the fern pops out of the frame.

  35. Great card - love TCM stamps!

    O-M-GOSH!! SO happy to hear you both are OK. BUT WOW!! Can't even imagine what I'd do...PANIC! Keep us up to date on all this. Hugs to you <3

  36. Wow...scary stuff. I hope they press charges against the guy. Glad you guys are ok!

  37. WOW that really is Road Rage, I can't believe the police didn't toss his but in the can. Hopefully he will get charged big time. What a jerk
    hugs lynn

  38. Wow Jen! I got so involved in your scary story that I had to go back and look at your card a second time! (love that label die with the leaves and button)...what an idiot! I hope they make an example of the guy! Definitely scary stuff!

  39. Holy cow-thank goodness you guys are okay. It's crazy that some people get so freaked out. I have ***accidentally*** cut people off a couple of times and luckily no one got too mad. I'm sure I got called a few choice names but I probably deserved it.

  40. **good grief**
    How in the heck did I miss this post? Oh Emm GEEE....I'm pretty sure I would have passed out if all that happened to me!!! yahoooooo for your hubby for staying calm and getting you guys to safety...what in the heck?! There are some seriously cuckoo peeps out there.

    I hope that you've recuperated....

    P.S. I do love your card:) Thanks for playing with us at The Craft's Meow!

  41. Whoa...what a nut! So glad you guys are ok. I'm afraid as the economy worsens this type of stress behavior will only increase. Take care out there...be safe, God bless!

  42. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for linking this up to the Focal Point Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

    ...and sorry to hear about this very scary event in your life. I'm just glad you guys are OK!

  43. YIKES! So sorry you had to go through such a scary ordeal,what a terrible thing to have happen, happy you are both okay~


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