Night of the Undead

Ah, yes... Vampire lore. Such a popular and interesting little piece of society. Have you ever stopped to consider why this is such a matter of intrigue for so very many people? I'm sure there have been studies...there MUST be studies...I should look them up. It's fascinating, really. That being said, even I have some interest in the stories of the undead. Hey, I'm a Buffy fan, what can I say? HA! I am NOT, however, a Twilight fan, let's get that out there right now. Vampires don't sparkle. Ever. Just say'n. THAT being said, this vampiric shrine, Night of the Undead, does, indeed, sparkle. Quite a lot, actually. Just say'n.

Night of the Undead (2)

I created this using the Exquisite Shrine kit from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I LOVE this gorgeous shrine! It has so much potential for all kinds of great designs! I also pulled in the masonite Fleur de lis from the 18 piece set, the Cross Cut-out from the 24 piece set, the bat cutout and the Happy Hallow 3 collage sheet for the background image.

Night of the Undead (detail2)

I coated all of the masonite pieces with embossing enamel from Stampendous! I used the Tinsel Gold, the Red Dragon, and the Stardust. I just LOVE how beautifully these coat the piece! (Please click on one of the links up there! It will make me happy. Just say'n. K. Thanks. Moving on now....)

Night of the Undead  (detail1)

I created the string of garlic by inking and wadding up bits of paper and tying them together with a bit of jute from May Arts.

This is a super fun project! If you haven't checked out the shrine kits over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery, you TOTALLY SHOULD! Also, just an FYI...RCA gives away prizes EVERY Wednesday on Facebook, so like their page and watch for your chance to win!

Jingle Out!


  1. LOL, I'm still partial to Anne Rice's version - I'm Team Lestat all the way! LOL!!! Great project!

  2. Oh Jingle, my daughter is a vampire lover and she would love this! Especially the sparkles.

  3. wicked! love all those gorgeous powders wink wink

  4. What a neat project!!!!


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