Cards, Cards, and MORE CARDS! {WOYWW}

Well, let's see here...life has pretty much gone from normal-busy to HOLY HECK THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO I'M LOSING MY MIND kind of busy.  Ever felt like that?  Hmmm...K.  Glad it's not just me.  Just say'n.  You see, we have to move out of our house around the end of August.  We haven't exactly found a place to move TO, however.  Funny that.  HA!  Yes, we are working on it and yes, we are making some progress, just not the we-know-where-we-will-be-living-in-September kind of progress.  HA!  But, alas, I trust it will all work out.  AND...trusting that it will all work out means I am making some attempt to get a bit ahead.  I got a ton of work done over the weekend and then plowed through 12 cards on Monday night.  Turns out...stress makes me work well in the studio!  HA!  I am officially on target to start getting ahead now and plan on beginning all of my August work tonight!


Yup. Lots of cards!  And some fun ones, too!  This is a peek at the cards I created with the August Scrapbook Circle kit!  You are SO going to love this kit!  It is AMAZING!!!!  So many fun bits and bobs and papers and happy things!

You see, part of my reasoning for getting so much done in advance is that yes, we are moving and that takes time, however, it's not JUST that.  You see...I have to PURGE and PACK!  Yup.  I'm doing both.  Without question.  Purge first.  Pack second.  I'd like to get all of my assignments completed prior to starting that process (at least the packing part), as it will be a BIT insane after that begins.  Afterall, you guys have seen my workspace many times.  And the current state bears no difference.


Whew!  It's gonna be interesting!  I honestly hope to cut my stash down by 1/3.  As in...get rid of 1/3 of the stuff in that room.  We will see if that is truly possible, I suppose!  HA!  Have you done a major purge?  How did you decide what to let go?  Did you reach your goal?  Is there any chance of me doing this in one SOLID day of work?  I really want to make this happen.  How do I plan to get through it?  Well, that part is easy!

Pinwheel Smile

I'm just gonna keep on smiling!  Afterall, that is bound to make ANYTHING better!  And yes, this is one of those sneaks from the August Scrapbook Circle kit!!!!  *LOVE!*  Those pinwheels are too much fun!!!  They are from a My Mind's Eye Brad package!  LOVE THEM!

Well, that's all for now...I'll be back in a bit with my Simon Says Challenge card, but for now, Jingle Out, my friends.  Jingle.  Out.

Oh...and P.S. The goldfish crackers are for a project I'm planning. Not a random greasy snack on my desk! LOL! Just say'n.


  1. You don't have to lie about the goldfish...its OK I like them too! :) Love the cards!

  2. Love the pinwheels and your desktop:)

  3. Wowzer that's enough to stress anyone out. Hope it all works out for you. Take care & enjoy this week's desk hop/nose/snoop. Zo xx69

  4. I TOTALLY know what you mean about moving! Although I know where we are going - but we are moving from Washington State to Wyoming in less than 3 weeks!!! I purged a bunch of my stuff several weeks ago - and I mostly just decided that if I had so much stuff that I couldn't find half of it to use it if I wanted to, then there was no point in having it! So, even if I "liked" something - it was going unless I "loved" it!!! Good luck on the purge - and the move!


  5. I feel your pain. We move in 9 days and I was on a mad dash this month to find something before I have to report back to school in August.

    Love your adorable creations!

  6. cute card...love those pinwheels..

  7. Oh those cards look FAB! You are so cute...You make me smile daily! I just went through a HUGE purge. I got rid of things that have never been opened that were well over 2 years old. I got rid of a ton of paper...cause lets face it...it's addicting and you think you are gonna use it but don't. If I didn't have an actual plan for it I purged it. If I just liked it not loved it, I purged it. It was worth is when I sold it all and had money to buy new stuff! :)

    Good luck with your packing and moving. Moving sucks, but a new home...is like a clean canvas. Think of the fun you will have! :)

  8. Love all the cards you have posted today in all of your posts :)
    Especially the bike one!
    And if you could see the big entrance to our house you would laugh. We have four bikes stored there right when people walk in! One for each of us.
    Wish we had another place to put them right now, but we don't.
    Not even wall space there with the windows and staircase!

  9. Good luck with the purging! I just finished mine a few days ago. It took me two solid days, a big bag of jellies, and I managed to clean out and get rid of 6 boxes of stuff. It feels great and now I am inspired to create. Hope your de-stashing goes well. dani #110

  10. Good luck with the move! Just got done moving myself, and purging is a good thing! - Meechelle #112

  11. wow!!! you make pretty cards! wish I could too...

  12. oh my, i wouldn't know where to begin if i had to pack up my studio!! Good luck!! Trish #55

  13. Yes, goldfish crackers for a project, natch! Moving.. ugh. We got a 30-day move out notice once. It was lovely. The hubby had just lost his job. It was lovely. I had just wrecked my car. It was lovely. Hey, but I bought a pick up truck and we moved before the 30-days were up but we didn't left a few things behind until the 30th day. We paid for it so we didn't let the landlord in one second earlier. We ended up moving into a dump because of the only one income thing so at the end of the year we moved again. So yes, PURGING is key to a good move and... get this... there is less to move if you purge! and it feels good to have less. No really, it does. I wholeheartedly applaud your reduce it by one-third goal. It is a good goal. AND... probably realistic. I am willing to bet there is 1/3 of stuff in my room that I never use and would never miss and I think other crafters are the same way. Good luck with it! I do purge in small amounts all the time. I start getting freaky and sentimental if I do large amounts at once and it makes pack-rat hubby nervous. If you really wanted to do it in ONE DAY you could. It would be one very busy day that's for sure.

    Oh, and hey! Great cards! Simon Says Purge.

  14. I can fold an origami pin wheel

    and that ain't easy,

    love your desk, always have, can spend hours jsut digging in it...

    have a good week,

    Dx 65

  15. Oh good grief, moving bites no matter what. I never want to move again, and we've lived here 12 years.

    You are right, it WILL all work out, but I'm going to pray you have a little peace until then . . .

    SUPER fun lot of new cards!!!

    #137 this week

  16. FUn little card! good luck with the packing!

  17. Our last big move was cross-country & before papercrafting hit me really big, but I had to purge beyond what will maintain sanity...and since I never want to do it again, I try to do mini purges now & then. I really do think you could do it in a single day - set yourself a guideline. Mine is, if I haven't used it in a year, sayonara. I don't apply that to seasonal stuff that gets put away - that I give 2 seasons (as in, after the 2nd Xmas if I haven't used it it goes). You can also do it if you can manage to find a school/organization to donate to. I find if I start organizing things to sell, fewer things end up going!

  18. Your Cards are of course gorgeous. wow, am feeling the potential stress for you already, good luck with the hunting and moving house. As for the purge......no, never done it. But you can, because you can do anything.


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