May Arts Woven Ribbon Journal

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Hello, folks! I am SO excited to share this journal with you today! This is one of those ideas that has been sitting in my head for quite some time now and I finally got it out in the flesh and I LOVE it!!! Today I'm going to show you how to create this beautiful May Arts Woven Ribbon Journal!

May Arts Woven Ribbon Journal

Here are the supplies you will need:

May Arts Satin Pleats Ribbon in Light Grey
May Arts Satin Pleats Ribbon in Teal
May Arts Satin Pleats Ribbon in Ivory

May Arts 3/8" Grosgrain in light grey
May Arts Sheer Frayed Flower Wire Ribbon
A Spiral Journal (Canson)
Strong tape adhesive


To begin, trim your chipboard to the size of your journal cover, eliminating the spiral edge portion. Cut several lengths of two of your ribbon colors long enough (actually, a bit longer) to cover your journal from top to bottom. These will alternate, so cut enough to layer over the chipboard.

Cut Ribbon lengths

Apply adhesive strips to the top and bottom of the back of the chipboard piece. This is how you will adhere your ribbon, so make sure it is nice and strong!

Lay strips of adhesive on chipboard edges

Adhere the ribbon strips, alternating color, to the chipboard panel. Do not apply any adhesive under the ribbon on the front of the panel. It will seem a loose and crazy, but it will all tighten up when you weave it. I promise!

Adhere ribbon to chipboard

Now you want to cut the third ribbon color into strips a bit longer than the chipboard panel from side to side. These are the cross strips. To keep a consistent design, stick to one color on the cross strips.

Cut Cross strips of ribbon

Apply adhesive down the long sides of the back of the chipboard panel with your strong tape and piece by piece, add the cross strips, weaving them in and out of the other two colors. Be sure to alternate as you progress to achieve the desired pattern.

Weave the cross strips into the adhered strips

Once that is done, set the panel aside for just a moment. Adhere an EXTRA long strip of grosgrain to the edge just inside the spiral on the front of the journal. This will serve as both accent and bookmark, so make it over twice as long as the journal itself. Secure it in place with strong tape adhesive.

Secure long grosgrain strip in place on journal.

Cute a strip of the floral wired ribbon slightly wider than the woven panel and wrap around at the bottom of the panel. Adhere on the back of the panel. Finally, adhere the entire panel securely with strong adhesive tape to the front of the journal.

May Arts Woven Journal 2

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you create your own journal I would so LOVE to see it, so let me know!!!


  1. Very pretty! Thanks for showing your process. I may use this idea for a wedding planner.

    Have a great day!

  2. total labor of ribbon love! Fabby!

  3. Beautiful! I bet you could spray it with a fabric protector to keep it clean.

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  9. I love the way the pleated ribbon looks when woven! So fun! Good luck!!

  10. This is fabulous, love the technique and the result.

  11. Beautiful project, Jennifer! Good luck!

  12. very nice i love it .. great work keep the inspiration coming..

  13. I just got some of this pleated ribbon and was wondering what I could do with it. Great idea! I love woven ribbon...and journals! Good luck.

  14. WOW, I absolutely LOVE this!
    beautiful & fabulous!!!


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