Whew! Finally getting my project inspiration again! {WOYWW}

I was doing fine with cards, but for some reason any and all 'other' project inspiration seemed to run out the window! I am happy to say that last night (after making a card) I felt the urge to get started and pull out the glitter! Glitter always helps, if you ask me! So, today, I actually have something in progress on my desk.


That's my brand new BRIGHT PINK cutting mat that I got in a prize package. I love it! Thanks Elmer's! You rock! As you can see, I am busy working on a fun Halloween shrine piece using a fabulous kit and some extra pieces from Retro Cafe Art Gallery! I am not quite sure where this piece is going to land yet, but it is all starting to come together. I had a brilliant idea late last night (while in bed, of course), but I'm not sure if I can execute it well, so we shall see what is to come. We shall see!

WOYWW 24Aug2011 (2)

A few more of these fabulous pieces may work themselves into this piece. I love Halloween!!!! I'm so excited to be working on fun Halloween projects!

Let's see...other than that, all I can tell you is that I am super hyper today and, therefore, typing at a rate that is quite impressive if I do say so myself! That's what a frozen caramel latte thingy from Honeydew does to you when you don't usually drink coffee at all. HA! (Let's just say I was a very sleepy girl and now I'm NOT!!!!!!!!! Just say'n.)

So, I hope your Wednesday is super duper fantabulous and I hope you check out the other post I posted before this one because it's an adorable and hilarious squirrel who lives in a trash can and eats like a people. Just say'n.

Bye now.

Jingle out.

P.S. If a couple of you would be so kind as to look at that little Facebook widget and like my page, that would rock. I've been hovering SO close to 600 and just can't seem to make it over the edge! HA! Figures.

K. Jingle really actually out this time.

Just say'n.



  1. Sounds like you are really on a (rock and) roll! Valerie

  2. caramel latte...yummy!!!

    Can't wait to see the finished project! I love creating stuff for Halloween!

  3. Love that squirrel....but of course it's really just a rat with a fluffy tail :-)
    A x

  4. Boy, if you type that fast after one coffee, I'd like to see how you go after a big slice of my Cappuccino cake! Someone at a workshop I catered for was hyper after a few pieces :) xx Just like the squirrel from 'Over the Hedge'!

  5. love the pink mat and the goodie box looks like fun!

  6. Oh look at all the excitement in that goodie box!!! Super dooper fun hey. Love your pink cutting mat - looks nice and big too! Handy... and fun as. Yay!

  7. WOW look at all that goodness - YAY!!! Enjoy my friend. Can't wait to see your creations - WOOT WOOT! Hugs, T

  8. Jingle, dear. I so need to meet your hyper nutty self at CHA this year. You sound nuttier than me if possible :) the project looks fun...can't wait to see the jingle-fied result!

  9. Wow, I love that box FULL of goodies....and people talk about me buying lots, LOL! Have a good week.

  10. Loving your bopx full of halloween goodies.Have fun cant wait to see what it turns out like!
    Happy woyww 116
    hugs judex75

  11. wow you have some great pieces there for Halloween, wishing you loads of fun Jingle. xx

  12. Glitter most certainly does help and if in an electric blue (have you seen the new stickles colour called true blue? Be still my pounding heart!) or barbie pink I believe it can actually fix things right up :-)

    Not Halloween already???? I haven't finished summer yet!
    I love your window card from an earlier post with the curtains, just fabulous.
    Take care

  13. Now you have me all excited for Halloween! I can't wait to see what your finished project looks like.

  14. Halloween? Holy cow, I've been gone longer than I thought. Oh, I ADORE your pink mat. I need to win me one of those!

  15. h ahaha

    sooo Just jingle,

    pink cutting mat

    and get you- over 600!!!!!

    when I have made dinner, eaten and said hi to the famille,

    I will hop over to facebook and like you,


  16. It looks like Halloween is in the air with all that crafty goodness in a kit. And although I'm not a fan of pink, I do like that brand new cutting mat you won. How LUCKY of you. Happy WOYWW.

  17. 603! Congrats on going over the 600 limit!

  18. Fun pink mat- fun to win stuff, isn't it- didn't you just win over at the Twinery? I look forward to seeing what you are up to!

  19. Happy WOYWW (late)! Haloween!?! No, we have not gone back to school yet!!! LOL! I think that your project will be fab when done! Everything that you do is! Thanks for sharing!-Amanda

  20. Hi there. Love that lickle squirrel! They are sooo naughty.
    Love that little box of Halloween stuff you have there!
    I already "Like" you on FB so can't help you.


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