Shrine and Frozen Charlotte Pendant Goodness

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Hello, my dear friends! I am actually quite excited to share three pieces with you that I just LOVE!

First off, have you entered the Shrine project contest over at Retro Cafe Art yet? 'Cause folks, I have some more inspiration for you! And this one is SO cute!

House Shrine Pendant

I created this fun little pendant using the itty bitty House Trinket Charms. You get three in a pack, so you can have LOTS of fun with these littles! I added the hole with my Crop-a-Dile. The image in the center is from the Dollie Meadows Collage Sheet and the entire pendant is wrapped in copper foil tape. The chain and the jump rings are both from Tim Holtz' Ideology line. *love!* I filled the shrine with Diamond Glaze over the image.

House Shrine Pendant (2)

In addition to my little shrine pendant I created two Frozen Charlotte pendants, as well. Have I mentioned how much I adore these little dolls??? 'Cause I totally love 'em. Just say'n.

On The Wings of Angels pendant

The first of the two is created with a full doll on a Tim Holtz Keyhole with a trinket pin and is backed with the Coffee Break Designs Masonite Wing Cutouts. I coated them with PealEx and sealed with a matte sealer. This one is called 'On the Wings of Angels'.

On the Wings of Angels (2)

The next one uses very similar materials. I used just a doll head for this one instead of a full doll and added two crystals for a bit of sparkle.

Portrait of a Butterfly pendant

Portrait of a Butterfly (2)

This one is called Portrait of a Butterfly.

So, there you have my three fabulous pendants! I really do hope you like them, as I am sort of in love with them! HA! Also, if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please let me know via email and I will get in touch with you.

I hope you have a super fantastic Thursday! I, incedentally, am eating Sour Patch Kids at 8:30 in the morning. Probably not the best choice as I was at the dentist yesterday and, well, let's just say I will be returning shortly to have those fillings done. Just say'n. HA!

Jingle Out.


  1. thud...love them all!!!!!! WOW~!!!!

  2. Love your shrines, they are fabulous as jewellery pieces, neat idea. Tracy x

  3. Love your shrines/pendants - beautiful work as always! Valerie

  4. Great pendants! Love the variety!

  5. Jingle
    I LOVE these. The house pendant is stunning and I like the fauz Frozen Charlotte in the last piece, Portrait of a Butterfly.
    You are going to look fabulous wearing these.

  6. They are all totally fabulous Jennifer!!! I can't even pick a favorite!!!

  7. AWESOME!! Can't....say...any...more...drooling....to ...much!!!!

  8. I love all three of your projects... The dolls still not sure if I like em or if the creep me out.. LOL I guess I'm still on the fence about em. lol Thanks for sharing... Hugs

  9. OMG!!!!!!! How AMAZING are all these!!!! Your talent is just endless, girlie!!!!

  10. Just gorgeous! You are so creative, Jingle!

  11. These are great! Love what you've created in such a small space and how different each one is.

  12. What fun pendants.
    I am liking the first one :)

  13. What a lovely way to display your gorgeous projects!

  14. Lovin the butterfly pendant! Oh you are my kind of girlie!! Sourpatch kids at 8:30 am is okay in my book 'cause I eat Haribo gummy bears or Trolli sour brite worms at that hour...or any hour really!

  15. Very crafty! Pssst....more dollies soon, please....lol.

  16. Wonderful projects! I love the little frames and the butterfly. Oh- I hate going to the dentist....!

  17. I actually bought a BUNCH of those things (such as the teeny heads/dolls) but they are very neatly tucked away in my stash shelves. I wish I had your creative sight! YOU ROCK! And so does your art!

  18. Fantastic pendants! Well done!!!


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