I am THRILLED with my Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints!

Happy! Happy! Monday, folks! It's a bright and sunny day and I am SUPER excited to share something with you today! Seriously...check this out...

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a photo canvas from Easy Canvas Prints.

Canvas Prints

And now I'm going to rant and rave about this thing! K? K. For reals. It's awesome. Just say'n.


Can you SEE why I am so excited? The canvas is absolutely STUNNING! I chose a photo that I had already altered to give a sort of 'artsy' look and uploaded it quickly and easily onto the Easy Canvas Prints site. The entire process was SO simple! And the customer service along the way was phenomenal. You see, the first photo I chose was actually a scan of an old family photo that I had. I didn't do the scan, and didn't have access to the original, so I really had no control over quality. Well, after I uploaded it I received an email letting me know EXACTLY what it would look like if they used that photo...it wasn't pretty! LOL! I love that they contacted me to let me know that the quality of the image simply wasn't high enough. So, I chose a new photo and sent it on it's way! This one printed EXACTLY like the photo itself and it looks AMAZING on canvas! The Hubbums was actually really surprised and excited when he saw it, too! We both love it!


The edges are beautifully wrapped. I chose a thicker edge, however, a narrower option is available. Also, you see that my edges are a mirror reflection of the image on the front, you can also choose to have the image extended over the edges or choose a solid color for the edges. You also have a plethora of size options, including custom sizes! So many great options!


The corners are done very nicely, too. Cleanly finished with the image over the ENTIRE canvas. I love that!

My only suggestion when you order is, if you can, to change your image to black and white or sepia before uploading, as there is an additional charge for these features and you can simply avoid that charge by doing it at home on your computer.

Overall, my experience with Easy Canvas Prints was phenomenal! The quality is excellent and I absolutely LOVE my finished piece! This is a piece of artwork that we will treasure! Honestly, we don't have photos of us around our house, so it was kind of a big deal for us to choose this photo, but we are SO glad we did because we LOVE IT!!!!

So check them out! Mother's Day and Father's Day are BOTH on the way and these are nothing less than perfect! Grandparents would love them, too! Or...you can be like me and treat yourself to a beautiful new art piece for your home!

*Easy Photo Prints provided the Photo Canvas for review. No additional compensation was given for this review. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own.


  1. Looks great, would make a wonderful present! Valerie

  2. That IS fab--love the wrapped edges!


  3. that is too cool... was it expenstiv .. great work love it...black and white priceless...

  4. wow that is a gorgeous canvas; it love it xxx

  5. That is WAY cool! I love the idea of canvas prints. Unique and different but your own images. :)

  6. This IS so cool! I will definitely check it out - I've used Costco before, but I really like the look of this one - and the thick edges really look rich. Thank you for the tip - and thank you for your sweet message before the weekend - I was out of town and am just getting back - so sorry for the delay in response!
    Happy Monday, xoxoxo

  7. wow this is beautiful! Love the photo & the canvas turned out great

  8. Love this idea! But more I love that picture!! How cute and perfect and what a great photo to display in your home. Definitely a piece of art:)

  9. Very nice! Thanks for the link to their site. I'll have to check them out.

  10. wow - that's gorgeous! I likey!

  11. Beautiful canvas...Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good Luck to you. Also thanks for following me. Take care, gerri


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