101 Reasons to Love My Cricut {Sally the Cricut, that is...}

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First of all, I want to say a HUGE welcome to my new followers! It is GREAT to have you and I hope to see your comments! I do my best to visit your blogs and comment when you leave one here, so I am looking forward to getting to know you!

Now....on to today's creation! So...let's say I hand you a single sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock.

Then I tell you to make a card. One that you love. Yup. Really. Could ya do it?

You can. I know, because I TOTALLY DID! Okay, so I *might* have employed the use of Sally the Cricut because she is my friend and likes to help, BUT...when I tell you which cartridges I used you will think it is even COOLER!

White on White 'hi.'

Yup. Totally. awesome. card. Like, as in, I want to make a million of them like this. Maybe with different sentiments, but I really like the hi., so I could possibly make a million hi. cards. Just say'n.

Hi (dimension)

And...wait for it...

Accents Essentials and Plantin Schoolbook. Yup. The two cartridges that actually CAME with my Expressions. Those are the ones I used. AND...a sheet of white cardstock. AWESOMENESS!

Hi (close)

Did I mention I could make a million cards like this? 'Cause I totally could. Love it. Just say'n.

AND...in other news...the rumor is circulating that Seth Meyers is dating Martha Stewart. Quite frankly, there is simply only one response to that:


Just say'n.

I am linking up to the Less is More challenge for the White on White challenge. Please note that due to a lot of spam, I am unable to turn off word verification as the challenge suggests.


  1. Wow! The white-on-white & the simplicity of the card is SUPER NICE! I forget sometimes that everything doesn't have to look like color & STUFF exploded all over it! LOL! REALLY nice reminder. BEAUTIFUL card!

  2. Plain and simple...I LIIIIKKKE IT!!!!
    You know J..maybe...you should make a bunch of these...put them in a pack and sell them. This simple little card could be used for so many occasions.


  3. Wonderful LIM card, so clean, love it Jingle. Annette x

  4. Simple and very effective I love it..Chris x

  5. Great card Jingle... I'm so glad you had fun making this one!
    If you opted to have Blog owner approval for your comments none would get posted without your say so, so there would be zero spam and we wouldn't have to navigate the crazy letters!
    Thanks so much for joiningus again!
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  6. Simple, stunning and fabulous and I love it !


  7. I do love the white on white :)

  8. love this card! and seth and martha? things that make me go hmmmm...

  9. Totally love this card! I have really been into white lately...now I might have to try something like this. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love your card, I am really into my cricut at the moment so I am always looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing

  11. love your simple card girl, super cute. NO Cricut here...........had one.......didnt use it, sold it.............im moe of a sizzix gal!

  12. This is Fabulous! Thanks for the idea and challenge :)

  13. Super simple but effective. Fab! x

  14. super super cute!!!! Now...I think I need to name my Cricut......needs a gnome kind of name I think.....I have a Fudwick the Gnome that scraps with me...hmmm...ok, this comment got WAY off track!

    CUTE CARD!!!! hugs, Katrina

  15. Ooh, I love it! Hmmm, I wonder what the same design in a different color, like red, would look like. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your white on white card!!
    Martha Stewart dating...not so much.

  17. Loving your white on white card, reminds me i should try and use my slice more

  18. Hi back! Very cute card - love the simple white. :) Theresa

  19. Love the name of your Cricut..mine doesn't have a name...well, it might get called a few if it tears my vinyl :)

  20. This is the first white on white card I ever saw but... it's awesome, very minimalist, modern, chic, etc. Love it girl!

  21. Oh no you lost all your comments as well......such a pain in the butt.
    Loved it the first time and loving the card again Jingle. Annette x

  22. Lovely card. I'm impressed.
    I could do this...but I would need some distressing inks, lol.

  23. Such a beautifully simple card. Love the white on white.


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