Bang! Bang! A Cowboy ATC

Whew! It's Monday and I have a TON to share with you today!!!

Well, as many of you may already be aware, Blogger had some problems at the end of last week so any comments left on my last two posts during the problem hours were lost...including those on the Samantha Walker Blog Hop. If you left a comment you may want to check if it is still there to be sure you get your contest entry in. I do apologize for the inconvenience!

I am also SUPER excited to tell you that THIS FRIDAY will be a WICKED FUN event here on Just Jingle! I am having a GIVEAWAY DAY!!!! I will be posting a new giveaway every hour throughout the day. I have an AWESOME list of sponsors and I can't WAIT to get this party started!

Also, this week I am the Guest Designer over at the Creative Imaginations blog! I am SUPER excited about that and I am SO looking forward to sharing some new projects with you throughout this week! I hope you check it out!

Over the weekend I had a ton of FABULOUSLY productive creative time! I LOVE it when that happens!!! That means that I also have a ton of projects to share with you over the course of this week and that makes me SUPER happy!!! K? K. Thanks.

Bang Bang ATC

Today, I am sharing a fun little ATC that I created using one of the amazing ATC frames from Retro Cafe Art! (P.S. They just *might* be one of the sponsors for Friday's Giveaway Day...just say'n. They *might*.) I absolutely LOVE how thick these ATC frames are! You get so much depth to play with!!!

Bang Bang (close)

I covered the MDF frame with Samantha Walker's Cowboy line by Creative Imaginations! The stamps (the little cowboy and the text background stamp) are from Scrolls Work. The rope and the gun are pieces I pulled from an old CLUE game that got destroyed when my parents basement flooded. Yup. I totally made my Dad pull out all the game pieces so I could use them for stuff! HA!

Bang Bang (side shot)

As you can see, I misted the white flower (also from Retro Cafe Art) with yellow ink to symbolize the yellow rose of Texas. It seemed to fit the theme of my ATC well. The bit of fabric coming from the 'fired' gun is Samantha Walker for Riley Blake, part of the Wanna Be A Cowboy 2 collection.

This is my entry for a BIG contest going on over at Retro Cafe Art! They are giving away $150 in Gift Certificates, so you should TOTALLY check it out!

I am also linking this up with the Gingersnaps Cowboys and Cowgirls challenge since that worked out so well!

Also, be sure to stop by Scrolls Work today, as the Going out of Business Sale has officially kicked off! All stamps are now 40% off and they are first come, first serve, so get 'em while they're hot! If you want to check out my favorites, check out the Steampunk collection and the Alice in Wonderland collection!!!

Whew! I told you there was a LOT to share today! *breath* And now I am out of breath! HA!

Remember to breath today, my friends.



  1. What an adorable ATC...love the little gun, how cute.

  2. this is just so cute--the little boy is adorable

  3. love it- espeically the gun! It's great how the fabric is coming out the end. :)
    yay Friday!

  4. Great work, cowgirl! Valerie
    Still not found any flower frogs, next weekend I'm off to another flea market!

  5. How fun! Love the little gun and the "bang, bang"!

  6. fantastic ATC, I love how thick it is too, it looks amazing!
    Happy Crafting, Debxx

  7. Love the gun!! Cracks me up that you made him rescue it....sounds like something I'd do. :)

    Happy Monday!

  8. What a great ATC! Your Clue pieces are hilarious... love this one!

  9. Ooh, so much fun! You have so much going on - what a great idea about Friday, and your lil' cowboy is the CUTEST EVER! Love him, xoxo

  10. OMGOSH...this so so dern cute!!! Love the little gun.

  11. Now THAT'S craftastic! I love the little gun and the hanky thingy you've got coming out of it! LOL!!!

    Can't wait to see your giveaway post. Any freaking dollies?
    BTW, are you selling any of your dollies in an Etsy store or anything?

  12. Fab ATC! What a cute cowboy!

  13. love the atc! I recognized those clue pieces right away!
    such fun! youre always cooking up something cute there!
    happy day!

  14. Just stumbled onto your blog...your cards are wonderful!

  15. This is fantastic! Just love all the elements of this ATC! Great little gun embellishment!

  16. Fabulous piece. Great use of the little gun.


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