Thank you all for the very kind comments yesterday! They helped make it all a bit easier. I'm still a little 'off' from the whole incident, but, I'm okay, otherwise. As for the car, well, it had to be towed and I won't know the extent of the damage until the middle of next week. I'll try to write up a post (or maybe do a video) to tell you all what happened, but not today. Not yet. I'll get there.

BUT...on a very happy note...I have a winner for you!!!! The Friends With Flair winner is.....

Sharon G.!!!

Congratulations, Sharon! To claim your prize please email Jimmi with your full name, address, and let her know you won the Friends With Flair prize for April 1st! (Just click on her name to email!)

Thank you to all who commented!!!!!


  1. 1st -- WAAAHHTT How'd I miss news of an accident? Not what you needed, and I and I hope you're OK!!

    2nd -- congrats to Sharon G on winning the stamps!

  2. Congrats, Sharon!! Enjoy the awesome Unity stamps. :D

  3. Congrats Sharon G on the Unity Stamps!! Enjoy your new goodies!!

    Marcy H.

  4. A hearty congrats to the lucky winner. Regarding your recent excitement - so glad you are okay & best wishes for the car

  5. Hope you are soon feeling really better, that accident still semms to be getting at you! Take care!

  6. Just wanted to drop by and leave you some hugs sweet friend! I'm glad you're OK and I hope you are feeling back to your usual self soon!!

  7. Congrats to Sharon...and I just wanted to say HUGS....and remember, it's just a car! At least you're A-OK!

  8. Congrats to your lucky winner. Again, I'm so happy that you are ok - hope your car will be, too. Take care!!! Theresa

  9. Congratulations and enjoy a wonderful week! Peace, Mary Helen


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