When Is It Time to Replace the Wedding Gifts, Exactly? (A CSN Stores Review)

So, not too long ago, The Hubbums takes out one of our frying pans to make dinner. Looks at it....

...looks at me....

...looks back at the pan.

"I'm throwing this away. It is seriously gross and I can't use it anymore."

Ummm...he was totally right. It was SOOO done. We felt horrible throwing it away, but it was not something that ANYONE could use at this point. Being that we felt bad, I had to think about it for a minute...and that's when I realized that the pan he was holding was in a set we received as a wedding gift.

Nearly ten years ago.

Yup. Folks, I am here to officially proclaim that you are TOTALLY allowed to replace the pans you were given at your wedding ten years later. Actually...you may want to do it sooner. Just say'n.

So...when CSN offered me the opportunity to do a review, I found that I had the PERFECT thing in mind! I hopped on to CSNStores.com and went directly to COOKWARE!

That, my dear friends, is where I found these!!!


Aren't they just gorgeous? *sigh* Brand new GORGEOUS brand-name pans! It's a happy thing. Now mind you...in those ten years we have picked up additional pans and such, but the only ones we purchased were two cast iron pans which ROCK, but aren't for everything. I got some other cheap ones in a free deal thing once, but they aren't anything to write home about (hmmm...that's an interesting expression...I wonder if it should be changed to 'not anything to blog about' in our modern era? HA!). We have NEVER, however, had pans like these! Yes, my dear friends, these are Calphalon. *happy sigh*


For reals. These are wicked nice pans. They are non-stick (and we shall discuss just HOW non-stick in a moment) and they have SUCH a sturdy handle and basically we love them. Seriously, you guys, The Hubbums was SO excited when we got them and after he used them - well, he was ecstatic! For reals. Not even kidding. The man was excited about pans!

Check this out!


Do you see that? FOR. REALS! Those are beautifully browned PERFECT pancakes, folks! Wanna know a secret?

*shh* There is ZERO butter, oil, or any other type of fat in that pan. *shhh*

Nope. Not even joking. Those are made directly on the non-stick surface of the pan. Batter - meet pan. Pan - meet batter. I think you two will be happy together. And yes, indeed, they are. Quite.


Here is a picture of them before The Hubbums flipped 'em. You can see the great lack of butter or oil in the pan. Isn't that incredible! These are seriously AWESOME pans!

Thanks to CSN for the opportunity and the gift of product to review! Totally check them out for quality products, particularly as we enter the holiday season!!!


  1. I have a griddle for my pancakes, the electric kind. Those are nice pans you've got there. You should always replace your Teflon coated pans if they are scratched... something I read in my anti-cancer book. You don't want to eat Teflon flakes. BTW, my pots n' pans are 18 years old AND were a wedding gift. They're starting to look their age. I actually told my dh that is what I wanted for Christmas, new pots n' pans. :)
    (sorry for the LOOONGGG comment)

  2. I have the same pans, they're fantastic. enjoy!

  3. Ahhhh yes. Perfect non stick pans. I finally threw out some really used and abused cookware. Pssst...those pancakes look good!

  4. I love getting new cookware (and vacuums and cleaning supplies)...yep I am weird like that! I actually have these and I LOVE them! ...maybe I'll try some pancakes in mine this weekend! :)

  5. i love these pans i only buy this brand.it is awesome and i have had 2 of my calphalon pans for 10 years and they still are awesome!

  6. And you can replace your glasses and silverware too when necessary...although my hubby doesn't think so! and now I want pancakes!

  7. Ohhhh me...so now drooling!! Such amazing pans..I need some..I want some!! I have been using the smae cookware for well over 20 years and OMGOSH yes I need new ones. Now that I see these two lovies I think I need to go get some too.


  8. I am not a pan expert, but I love non-stick pans. We had a cast iron pan, those suckers are heavy, well as least I got a workout.
    We have Wolfgang Puck pots and pans hubby loves them, oopps I mean i do teehee.

  9. Ohh!! I love home stores. Thanks for the review.

  10. That's the set of pans ronchops and I have! I loves them to pieces!

  11. Ten years? Oh my, I've been divorced for longer than that and I have pans I am STILL using that were wedding gifts. Hmmm, was I supposed to return them?

  12. I LOVE CSN! Calphalon...there's nothing better!

  13. wow, good pans, know where my next one comes from! hugs Debx

  14. Tee hee...you make me laugh. Just had to share that. :)

  15. I've had those pans for years & love them! I usually don't like non-stick but they are the best. One question, what time should we all come over for breakfast ;D

  16. I bought two of these pans awhile back, and basically use nothing else....I was like your hubbums...smitten...Yesterday I was drooling over the calphalon wok and griddle type pan at a store I was in...funny to see this on your blog today...as always I love your blog and happy entertaining comments!

  17. I love Calphalon. And, you're better than me -- I've just begun replacing those wedding gifts after 19 years!

  18. Yeah, um I've been married for a few years longer and the pans, the sheets, the towels, etc ALL need replacing. No budget. :(

    Your pans rock!

  19. Glorious times a cooking in the kitchen happy anniversary! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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