I'd Like to Introduce You to Scytale


This is Scytale. He is a confused little monster, really. You see, he was wandering around the neighborhood and he noticed that all of the people were wearing fun costumes!

Scytale (upper)

Some had taken on the form of pirates, and some of witches, and some of ghosts or goblins much like himself! Well! This looked like fun! But who would he become???

Scytale (trick or treat bag)

He saw that they were wearing different outfits and holding treat bags and such, so he set out to find a good outfit and a treat bag! That is when he saw here! A bouncy little girl wearing a little pink fluffy thing that looked like an interesting outfit and she had a great treat bag and everything!

Scytale (tutu ribbon)

Well, he decided THAT was the one for him! Soooo....welll...... (I did mention the whole demon/monster/goblin thing, right? Just say'n.)

Scytale (midddle)

He took it. He took all of it. And he wasn't sure why she wasn't giving it all to him, so he sort of .... ummm.... well.....

AND THEN! He noticed that most people had different faces, too! Yes, indeed, they had taken on the faces of those they were dressed to be....

Scytale (mask in hand)

....so he stole her face, too.

WELL!!! I told you he was a confused monster! He thought that's how all the others had obtained their new faces, so...naturally, he used his skills to simply remove the face of the little girl so he could wear it! Yup. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Just say'n.

Scytale (left hand)

And there he was...ready to go. New clothes, new treat bag...new face. And he watched as the children extended their hands and were given treats, so he did the same - extended his one hand...

Scytale (rt. hand)

...while clutching his new face in the other.

Scytalke (face)

He was sad when the people screamed and ran away. He didn't understand why, seeing as he had gone through all the effort of doing things the way they do them!

Scytale (back of head)

...But, alas, he turned and walked away...watching the festivities from a safe distance.

P.S. If you know where his name came from, I'm impressed!
P.S.S. Supplies: Polymer clay for the hands and feet. Wire armature, taped, and covered with batting and then wrapped with walnut ink stained strips of muslin. Tulle and ribbon for the tutu. The clay is alcohol inked to give it the coloring and painted where needed with acrylic paints. The bag is stitched from Moda cloth with a stamped pumpkin (Scrolls Work)on the front. The crown is cut with Sally the Cricut and covered in glitter.


  1. The title of your post stopped me in my tracks since I do indeed know what a scytale is, although most people do not.

    He's cute!

    I taught a whole class of third graders how to make them. I brought in rods in four different widths and handed them out without telling the children the significance of the the rod width until they discovered that they could cipher some messages, but not others.

    They thought it was cool that this cryptology cipher was used by Alexander the Great.

    Everyone thought I was insane for giving 20 third graders long sticks to club each other with, but the kids were good.

  2. Ummm, slightly creepy, but kinda cute in a weird sort of way! See...I thought his name was a references to F. Herbert's creation.

  3. fabby little dude here, Jingle my dear. he's awesome, the details (like the scalies on his hands and those nails!) are wonderful. and your story was just PERFECT!

  4. Ok then! This is very interesting and certainly unique with a ton of details! Perfect piece for Halloween!

  5. Ohhh, this little monster/doll was so worth having to wait for! I LOVE IT! Those nails are the perfect touch of creepy and with the tutu of cuteness! PERFECT!! So this is love...

  6. Jennifer..you did an outstanding job with this lil monster. I'm very impressed about the knowledge of the scytale..you carried the theme well.


  7. This is cute and disturbing at the same time (if that's possible). The treat bag is so precious and then the hand scared me silly. It's awesome, Jingle!

  8. ahh so awesome that you made this!! great job...i love him =D

  9. Hey there is a big giveaway on my blog chickita! :) I hope you get a chance to share it.
    Congrats and the gig with Samantha!

  10. Ok I love to watch horror movies and zombie movies but this little guy just freaked me out LOL.

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dolly!!!!! Right down to the fingernails!!!

  12. Super cute! You are so talented and I am excited to work with you too!

  13. Oh I just LURVE him!!! In a creepy please dont steel my face sort of way :D

  14. Creepy and cute... exactly as a little monster should be... he is welcome to play at our halloween party!

  15. Wow - creepy but still very cute! LOL Great work!!! Theresa

  16. Awesome scarey images my dear...the art is in the details! Love Halloween and congratulations on the newest accomplishments. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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