Randomness For Today

First of all, HAPPY ELECTION DAY!!!!! I am so stinking excited, I can't even tell you! Go vote! Have fun! You even get a sticker!!!

Okay...so, now that I have done that....

Here is some randomness for you today:

This Cupcake Punch is eluding me and it is driving me insane!

As you have probably figured out, I'm a cupcake fanatic and I still do not own this punch. Why, you ask? Well, because it seems this punch does not wish to be owned by me. For a portion of time after discovering the punch I lacked the spending money to go purchase the punch. The, due to a wonderful Close To My Heart gathering, I was able to make a few dollars and thusly, I grabbed my coupon and stopped at AC Moore on my way home from work to treat myself to this wonderful little cupcake! But...alas...despite the entire section of wall devoted to Martha Stewart products, ACM did not have my elusive little cupcake punch. Sad day. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that this punch must only be available at Mike's. Bummer. I have a really hard time getting to Mike's, as there just isn't one in a convenient location for me. Sad day, again! And just to make matters worse...the very day of the afore mentioned CTMH gathering I was near a Mike's, so I strolled and gazed longingly at my cupcake punch, but..alas...I had not yet made any money, therefore, I was not able to purchase it. SO....I still don't have my Martha Stewart Cupcake Punch. But I will, my friends....I assure you, I will own THAT punch!!!

In other news....

I am working on getting people together to be the dancers for the Christmas Musical at church. You have NO idea how many people appear to suffer from severe stage fright! Seriously, this is challenging!

Oh, and I thought I would share this random photo with you. It was taken a couple of months ago at a youth event, but there is just something about it that I love. It almost looks like we were photoshopped into it, but we totally weren't. Weird.

So, tell me about your randomness for today! I'd love to hear all about it! BUT...only after you vote!


  1. I got a sticker, but it didn't stick!! Oh, and Chik-Fil-A is giving away free sandwiches today and Krispy Kreme is giving a free doughnut to anyone wearing their sticker. Guess I don't get one :(

    Also, does WalMart have the cupcake punch? I need to look. I'm a cupcake fanatic too (was my nickname when I worked in the bakery at WalMart) :)

  2. Good Luck with the cupcake search!! It is a very cute punch!!

  3. Hey you dear woman, how are you? I'll go look around here for the punch if you'd like -- drats, I was just in Mikes yesterday and didn't know you were looking for that punch! My randomness ... my vote sticker got me a free Starbucks coffee ... I'm starting to fall back in love with CM (go figure!) ... I got my hair cut & colored today ... I'm very proud that I'm not the least bit interested in sneaking the kids halloween candy this year (yeah me!) ... and my spirits were lifted this morning simply by the sound of a black-capped chickadee in a nearby tree. Thank you God for birds!

  4. Girl... Don't give up.. That punch was made for you, but you just weren't meant to have it YET!!!


  5. oh i hope you get that cupcake punch!!!! let me know if you want me to stalk my michael's for you. i'm there all the time ;)

  6. I see you posting on the store blog and wanted to stop by to check your blog out! Love the name Jingle btw.
    I've seen the cupcake punch at my M's and I think you can order them online at MS's website. I ordered one of her border punches a while back there.
    Good luck!


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