Etsy Love and some Pay It Forward Fun!

Hello! This has been an exciting week! Lots going on!

I want to share with you an Etsy Shop that I just pounced on and discovered today!

Moon Of Glass is a very cool shop that uses fused glass to create pendants and other jewelry. This shop just opened on October 30th, so we need to help get the ball rolling!

Here is one of the pendants in the shop that I just LOVED! It is called "Ocean On a Chain" and I think that name captures the spirit of this piece brilliantly! I love the ocean and this necklace brings me there just looking at it! I also really loved the "Surface of Mars" pendant, as well. With reasonable prices and wonderful shipping rates, these would make great gifts for friends and family who love unique jewelry! Just beautiful! Check out Moon Of Glass and let me know which piece you love!

Also! I wanted to share something a little fun with you! Harley over at Koala Fuzz
posted this great Pay It Forward post! I jumped in and now I would like to pass it on to all of you! Here is the deal - I will send something handmade (just a small gift) to the first three people who tell me that they are interested. The catch is that you then have to grab this picture and Pay It Forward on your blog! You can send anything you wish, I just think handmade is fun, so that's what I want to do! If you are not interested you can still comment on this post, as I will only choose the first three people who express interest in Paying It Forward! Let's spread the love through blogland!

Have a Great Day!!! I'm wearing cute boots today so that just makes me feel good!


  1. Congrats! You won my giveaway! Check out my blog for details and email me your address!

  2. Nothing like a pair of cute boots to just make the day!! :D

  3. Thanks for the feature! You've got a great blog! :)

  4. I love that four pink flour pendant. Enjoy your boots!

  5. Sounds like fun! Unfortunately, I don't want to commit to anything right now, but I just wanted to jump in and say "hi" and you are remiss in not posting a picture of your cute boots!!


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