Etsy Love Day! - Haute Boutique for Today's Mom

First of all, isn't that just a fun shop name? I love it! Haute Bouique for Today's Mom! So fun! And....it gets even more fun! You should just SEE the adorable stuff that is in this shop. Now, I don't have any children, but I can live vicariously through all of you who do and dress all of YOUR kids in adorable tutus can't I? LOL!

Well, Let me tell you what caught my eye at HBTM first! It was these absolutely stinking fantastic knit cupcakes!!!! Seriously, though, folks....are these not the CUTEST? I want all of my gifts to come in knit cupcakes! LOL!

But... the shop isn't filled with just cupcakes, mind you! It is loaded with wonderful holiday gift ideas, fun everyday items, and just plain goodness! Check out the gorgeous tutus! I don't know of many little girls who wouldn't just LOVE twittering around the house in these!

There is a lot more to look at, too! You should totally go check it out! Come back and tell me what you think! I love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I think my 15 yro DD will frown, to say the least, if I try and dress her in all that scrumptious, delicious goodies!! Ahhh, I miss those days! TFS!! Great stuff!

  2. Thanks for featuring the HBTM store and the wonderful write up

  3. We all thank you for featuring us on your blog!! We're all so excited to launch this new group and having your positive feedback means the world to us!!

    Happy holidays!
    Bei Tesori Boutique / HBTM


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