Get Well - This Giraffe Says So

HA!  He's fun isn't he?  I love the crazy colors.  I don't know exactly what made me go with all those crazy colors, but I did and I'm liking it!  SO FUN!

Get Well Tag

I created this tag using the super fun Party Animal set from The Alley Way!  I think it would be a super fun one to simply attach to a teddy bear and deliver to a sick friend!  It's sure to brighten up their day just a big, don't you think?  Or maybe attach it to a bottle of vodka...depends on what kind of sick they are.  LOL!  I KID, I KID!  Sorta.  Just say'n.  HA!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!!!


  1. oh i love the pink and orange :) super fun tag!!!

  2. If I were under the weather and my friend brought me vodka, I would love them forever! lol
    I love the pink mane - is it a mane on a giraffe? - totally cheery & makes me think of a stuffed animal :)

  3. smashing CAS tag and such fun, x

  4. That would make a sick friend very happy!!!

  5. Ok, this image was meant for a tag, super cute!

  6. Ok. He is just plain adorable!!

  7. Ok. He is just plain adorable!!


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