Martha Stewart. Love Her. Hate her. It's such a Struggle, really.

Okay, so I'm the first to admit that I'm simply NOT a Martha fan. (Martha, sorry if you are reading this...since I know you frequent my blog and all...since you know I exist and all...ye..ah...so anyway....) She's always annoyed the crap out of me with all of her "you MUST use the VERY BEST of everything...aka: you MUST be a multi-millionaire to craft, cook, OR decorate anything ever. Then there was the whole jail thing, which certainly didn't help any. HOWEVER, that all being said...I am unwillingly EXTREMELY attracted to her products! Seriously, folks! It sort of creeps me out. I don't like it, but what's a girl to do?

I LOVE her craft punches! They are simply awesome! I really WANT one of her screw punches, but they are ridiculously expensive, so I've never taken that plunge. I really like her labels and her stickers, and her stinking magazines, even! I now subscribe to BOTH MS Living AND Body and Soul! Yikes! What am I DOING??? At least I got those subs for free so I'm not feeding the monster or anything...which brings me to my point for today, anyway!

The Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts

Yes. It is a pretty book. No. I did not purchase the book. BUT...I did pick it up at the library last night. I picked it up, added it to my stack of books that I was getting and told my husband that I was curious since there was no way I was going to buy the book EVER.

Well, crud.

I like it.

A lot.

I haven't, obviously, done any of the projects yet, as I just picked it up last night, but I did page through it and there are LOTS that I would really love to do! Now, granted...being a Martha publication some of them require supplies that you can only get at 'specialty' stores if you happen to have an arm, a leg, and perhaps an eye to spare...or maybe your first born...you know how that goes...but there are other projects in there that are totally normal and reasonable and look REALLY STINKING CUTE! Now I want to make them.

Honestly, this book looks awesome and is so worth owning. I will try to get a project or two from it done so I can share them with you, but in the meantime, run to your library and check it out!

I also picked up a book to help me learn to knit. Now all I need is yarn. And needles. And some other stuff. LOL! OH, and I got Death Swatch by Laura Childs because I simply CAN'T wait until it comes out in paperback and I MUST read it now! I love her books!!!

So, what are your opinions on Martha? Do you love her? Hater her? Emulate her? Boycott her? I'm curious. Am I alone in my struggle?


  1. You are NOT alone! I don't want to BE like her because, well, it takes too much work to be that "perfect" and she's just old! Ha! ;-) I do like some of her items/products and will use as a guide. She has the right idea and went about "marketing" herself. Her private life, yeah, that can STAY private! KWIM? Darn. Just more confused.

  2. Hey from a fellow Massachusetts girl..

  3. I'm only vaguely aware of her. Have seen her on TV for maybe 15 minutes when i was channel surfing, so am not really aware of the things you said of her. I've heard other people say them, also.

    I wonder if you're protesting too much. Maybe you could take the attitude of: "Isn't amazing that such an annoying person has such great ideas?"

    That way you can point out your disdain or dislike of her without having to apologize so much for liking her way of doing things. It's hard when someone we dislike does things we like a lot. Cognitive dissonance.

    Have fun with the crafts.

  4. I like her, she is very talented. I subscribed to her magazine a few years ago thinking it would be filled with great ideas for crafts, recipes, etc. And it was, but a lot of it was like you said, crafts requiring supplies that were impossible to find or really expensive. So I stopped my subscription. I check out her website every once in a while for ideas.

  5. That is so funny that you love her products and not her. I like her magazine but that's really it. I used to love her and now I'm neutral.

  6. LOL. I love her punches & craft supplies, too. She does annoy me with her elitism regarding what one should use for such crafting, though. Thanks for the book review. I might have to check it out ;)

  7. LOL!!!...jen, you crack me up...i feel pretty much the same way that you do about martha stewart...i also understand the "need" to want to learn all the crafts that you can...

  8. I love Martha. Love her. The only thing she does that I can do is bake, but I still love her. She's done a lot with what she's got and I just can't help but admire her for it.

  9. I used to really like and admire her, but then she had this one project where she literally said she'd planted this one particular grass JUST for this project LAST YEAR and it made me so mad. Like, we all have to plan YEARS ahead for our craft projects...Then she lied and went to jail and after that I just can't bring myself to patronize her or her products, on principle. I'll never forget her coming out of jail and telling an interviewer that, no, she hadn't lost weight in jail, she just lost stress. It was STRESS that was making her LOOK heavy. She was never overweight. Yeah, right.

    Wow. Thanks for letting me vent. I didn't realize I needed to!

  10. Oh Martha Martha Martha....
    I've hated her for a long time. I paid my way through high school and college as a flower designer. Brides forever brought in pictures from martha's darned magazines, asking for the most "exquisite blooms" and wanting to pay walmart prices LOL
    Her craft ideas are beautiful but she makes me nuts! Plus she has her 3 personal assistants wear uniforms...weirdo!

  11. I really like her a lot. I am sure that it is the perfectionist in me that is drawn to her but her show and magazine have some really good ideas! I usually watch/read and then try to figure out how a normal person could do it.

  12. I like Whatever Martha--does that count?:) I feel the same way about the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network--she insists on the most expensive ingredients but yet I always want to try her recipes!

  13. I can't stand Martha. Very strongly dislike her and what she does. The only reason I look at her punches is that they are EK. She just drives me nuts. I giggled when she went to jail, serves her right. So NO Jingle you are not alone. I would NEVER however buy or subscribe to her magazine. Shame on you girlfriend. lol You Martha wanna be.

  14. i adore MS too - but her stuff is crazy expensive!! And you can never use the 40% off coupons at Michaels!


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